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Cat Spies A Rat Across The Street In Viral Video—But It Doesn't Play Out How The Cat Imagined 😹

@QogBazar, @ThoughtsOfCat2/Twitter

Just like a typical school yard bully. You stand up to them and they run away like a coward.

A certain cat thought it was going to be the big cheese in the neighborhood, until it came across a rat having no intentions of putting up with any feline nonsense. Not on this day, Bud.

The video posted to Twitter by @QogBazar shows a cat darting across the street in full on stalker mode, right up until the rat won't back down. Very quickly the tables flip and soon the mess-or becomes the mess-ee.

Even the dog can't watch.

The rat's of the world are feeling all...

Meanwhile the cats are all...

The animal world is a reflection of the human world.

But it is possible it was all a ruse.

Maybe next time, just leave it to the experts.

One thing for sure—

Maybe we all just need to worry about our own side of the street.

H/T: Twitter