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'Captain Marvel' Will Be The First Marvel Film Never To Stream On Netflix—And We'd Better Get Used To It

Marvel Studios

Captain Marvel, starring Brie Larson as the title character, has been one of the most anticipated Marvel films of the last decade. This is due, in part, to the fact that it is the first Marvel Cinematic Universe film to be driven by a female character.

However, unlike the Marvel films that came before it, Captain Marvel will be the first to never appear on Netflix. Disney has had a partnership with the streaming giant that resulted in their extended universe shows such as Daredevil, and Jessica Jones. But Disney is launching their own streaming service later this year, and with that move, they are terminating their relationship with Netflix.

The news was broken on a phone call between Disney head, Bob Iger, and Wall Street analysts. This means that Ant Man & The Wasp will be the final MCU title to appear as part of the old Disney-Netflix streaming agreement.

Disney's purchase of Marvel was one of many that raised the spectre of corporate monopoly on entertainment. In addition to Marvel, Disney now owns Lucas Film, Fox, and ESPN. This is in addition to any titles released under the official Disney brand.

But at first glance, Disney moving all of their properties to their own streaming platform doesn't necessarily seem to mean more revenue.

Though some are simply excited for the breadth of fresh content that's sure to be on the platform.

But mostly people are stoked about the movie.

We can't wait to see this film!