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Ohio Coffee Shop Owner Tells Biden Voters And Trans Rights Supporters His Coffee Is 'Not For You'

Ohio Coffee Shop Owner Tells Biden Voters And Trans Rights Supporters His Coffee Is 'Not For You'

First, he attended the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol. Now, he's telling anyone who voted for Democratic President Joe Biden, supports trans rights or sympathizes with Black Lives Matter they are not welcome in the coffee shop he owns.

Adam Newbold, a Navy vet from Lisbon, Ohio made the controversial rule in a video he posted online last week that angered many.

Newbold posted his video to a site called Rumble, which conservatives have flocked to after several far-right commentators had their videos demonetized on YouTube.

In his video, Newbold read off a list of people who he does not want patronizing his business, C4 Coffee, starting with Biden voters.

"If you voted for Joe Biden, don't buy our coffee, it's not for you. If you believe there was nothing wrong with this election … don't buy our coffee. It's not for you."

Newbold then switched to the usual far-right transphobic clichés.

"If you feel that America is on the right track and there's nothing wrong with gender neutral, don't know which bathroom to use, use whichever bathroom you feel like during the day … don't buy our coffee 'cause it's not for you."

Newbold then included anyone who supports kneeling during the national anthem as a form of protest on his list of personae non grata at his coffee shop.

Newbold also revealed he attended the Capitol riots in January, but he told Youngstown, Ohio news station WKBN that he did not enter the Capitol building or engage in any criminal activity, nor did he condone people carrying weapons into the building.

Newbold also called the riots a "volatile situation" and said it was "an absolute miracle it wasn't more deadly than it was."

But these comments contrast with a video he posted earlier in the year in which he called the riots "historic" and "necessary" and said he was "proud" of the rioters because "I wasn't sure if we still had the spine anymore."

On Twitter, many people were angered by his comments and more than happy to avoid his coffee shop at all costs.

A retired Navy Seal, Newbold also owns a consulting business called Advanced Training Group Worldwide, which contracts with law enforcement, federal agencies and the military.