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Cancer Patient Breaks Down In Tears After Barber Shaves His Own Head In Solidarity In Viral Video

Cancer Patient Breaks Down In Tears After Barber Shaves His Own Head In Solidarity In Viral Video

TikTok users cruising for viral videos were treated to a sobering, tearful moment when they came across one clip of a man who filmed the moment he had his head shaved following chemotherapy treatment.

The video featured Neftali Martín, who decided to shave his head after losing some hair upon undergoing chemotherapy treatment during his battle with lymphatic cancer, Indy 100 noted.

Martín, a barber himself, decided to take the leap in the safest space he could find—the barber shop he works at, Lords and Barbers in Alicante, Spain. His close friend and co-worker, Joel Ortega González did the honors.

Once in the chair and looking into the mirror, Martín set up the camera to capture the big moment, which he later shared on his TikTok account, @neftabarber.

But just as Ortega finished the cut, he suddenly turned the clippers on his own head, slicing off all of his well-kept hairdo in the an act of friendship and solidarity.

Within seconds, Martín had his head in his hands and was shedding tears.

TikTok viewers who saw the video were thrilled to see Ortega's zero-hesitation act of friendship.


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For some, it all hit very close to home.

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In an Instagram post that included the same clip, Martín penned a longer caption to express his gratitude for Ortega's support.

" You are not alone' those were the words of my great friend and coworker..."
"...immediately afterwards, he shaved his head telling me that until mine grew back he was going to continue shaving with me. For those who do not know him @imjooeel is not just a co-worker, for me he's a brother. I love you bro❤️"

Indy 100 also noted the Lords and Barbers official Instagram also voiced its own message of support to Martín.

"We want to travel this path with you, together as we have always been. We want to show you what true friendship is, because we are all one."
"For the moments that we have passed and those that we have left to live. What the barbershop unites, let no one separate it."

We wish Martin all the best in his cancer battle. And we hope both he and Ortega feel confident as ever with their new styles.