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Calm People Reveal The One Time They Absolutely Lost Their Mind And Popped Off

That's the last straw!

Calm People Reveal The One Time They Absolutely Lost Their Mind And Popped Off

Sometimes one can only take so much. We're all merely wandering around as ticking time bombs. We hold in our emotion and revel in repression. We are powder kegs in a flesh bag. It's only a matter of time before we reach that moment when we can no longer take it and we HAVE to explode. And baby... y'all better run and hide when you see those signs!

Redditor u/a-light-at-the-end wondered what were people's last straws by asking... Generally calm people of Reddit, what made you lose your absolute shit that time?

Cut out the toxic people...


It's always felt like my parents never wanted me. I was a surprise Honeymoon baby born 9 months and a day after their wedding, I was regularly screamed at for anything I did until I just started hiding, I was called "the practice child" my whole life, my younger siblings got way more love and attention, etc. In my teens they started taking in "strays." If any neighborhood kids didn't want to go home, they could just be at our house all the time. Effectively, my mother would take my friends away from me to be HER friends instead. One of which was a kid who picked on me constantly from the time I was 11. I guess they had that in common.

That guy was kicked out of his Dad's house AND his mom's house when he was 20, so my parents took him in permanently. That killed me. But I always wanted their approval, so I was always calm and agreeable, always desperately trying to figure out how to get them to love me, so I went along with it. Years later, I'm married and have a son. This guy still lives with my parents. They continue to coddle and make excuses for him while criticizing me for whatever they feel like. One day, we're all at my parents house and my son is being a goofy 2-year-old, which annoys the man-child living there. So he gets furious, picks my son up by his ankle and spanks him.

My parents claimed not to have seen it. We went home.

I couldn't sleep that night because I was so upset. The next morning, I made sure the guy and my mom would be at home (and why wouldn't he be there) and I went to confront them with my wife. I dumped everything I had been putting up with on them for about an hour, including asking how my mom could allow this jerk to hit my son. She maintained that it didn't happen, so I went through the roof. I ended up crying because of all the pent-up emotion, so my fantastic wife took over. She said we wouldn't be coming back if the guy still lived there, so he yelled that he would move out and he stormed off after saying he didn't have to listen to this. My parents convinced him not to move out shortly after we left. My mother expressed how disappointed she was that I didn't come "to have a conversation," and only came to "dump" on them. THAT was her big takeaway from everything I said. That I wasn't being "fair" to them.

We went to counseling with them later. For months. It validated everything I had felt, but they never stopped lying and being defensive. One counselor said we should be on Dr. Phil. The other counselor said my mom is "incapable of empathy." Both counselors called my parents delusional. But of course my parents didn't take any of that seriously. At one point my dad asked me "Who does he think he is to judge us like that?" As if he forgot that THAT'S THEIR JOB.

Haven't spoken with them in almost a year, and life is so much better. appleappleappleman

Nobody likes you bro.

My brother and I played travel sports for a few seasons as kids. One trip, I was at the pool with some of his teammates messing around in the water and the coach's kid was being a butt as usual. My brother was one of the smaller kids on his team so the coach's son would mess with him a lot. Most of the kids on my brother's team disliked him but didn't speak up so they wouldn't be next. He thought it would be funny to pick up my brothers drink right in front of him and spit into it.

My dad taught me from a young age not to let anyone mess with my brother or sister, so I got seriously pissed. I took a good running start and shoulder checked him into the pool. Since he had just gotten there, he hadn't taken his clothes off yet and cried because his phone and iPod got ruined. He literally ran out yelling, "I'm telling my dad!"

Well that backfired, because everyone stuck up for my brother and the coach was not happy to find out what a s***bird his son was being so he was the only one to get in any trouble. MikeOxbigg

I'll head to unemployment! 

My grandfather passed away so I told my boss that I had to take a couple of days off to be with my family. He had the nerve to tell me work was more important than family and threatened to fire me. I went off on him in the middle of the office for a solid 5 minutes before quitting and rushing home. UnPhayzable

Poor kitty...

This lady came to the shelter to see the cats. She ask if she could give them treats and I said yes. It's a shelter were most of the cats are free. So gets the bag out, the cats are getting wild with anticipation and she just stood there laughing and tempting them without giving them anything. She looked like she enjoyed their anxiety and her laugh sounded like a crazy person.

I lost it, grabbed the bag out of her hands, gave treats to the cats and ask her to leave. Those cats are already stressed out, don't give them more anxiety. sonia72quebec

I'm the Doctor!


I lost my mind when my patient got her pre-authorization for surgery for a large grapefruit sized pelvic mass denied by BCBS and when I did a peer-to-peer, the doctor working for the insurance company said I needed to have a psychiatrist rule out mental causes of her pain first. I had to walk away for 30 minutes before seeing another patient because had anyone given me any more lip I might have gotten violent. wastedkarma

This is a set-up! 

I lost my mind when I was late for work because my colleague asked me to cover their shift and gave me the wrong time and it was my fault from the company's perspective. amiathrowawayornot

We got you Jules! 

Story about my neighbor (calm to the point where he didn't even flinch when some idiot pulled a knife on him), he was a senpai (assistant sensei/teacher) at a dojang and was in charge of teaching kids aged 8-16. He absolutely loved his role as a big brother to all these kids and taught them about discipline, restraint and how to think before you act. He basically taught the kids how to think and consider before even contemplating action whilst also teaching them how to break someone in half with a kick (the contradiction always made me laugh).

Anyways, one of his talented students was a little 11 year old sweetheart called Jules. He was fantastic and determined, also a bit shy so my neighbor loved bonding with him and getting him to open up. Unfortunately for Jules however, his parents were bullies and bad people who beat him. This wasn't discovered until Jules came into a session with a significant limp, obviously neighbor isn't happy so he confronts the parents at the end of the session.

The parents responded by saying "We're paying all this money so he can fight, so we thought he would test it." (mind you most of these sessions were entirely free and any fees went towards maintenance and provision of equipment/gear for the kids). Neighbor asks the father if he regularly beats his children and if he himself is a good fighter, the father responds with yes whilst the mother is laughing her butt off in the back.

Neighbor then proceeds to shove the father onto his own car bonnet and starts to rain down axe kicks, now the father has the choice of blocking the kicks and probably shattering his arms or let his bonnet get absolutely caved in. After about 8 or 9 of these neighbor says "You said you can fight, so I thought I would test you." Anyways, the idiots end up calling the police who care way more about Jules being abused than the car, parents eventually lost their kids and Jules lives with his uncle/aunt (they're absolute sweethearts).

7 years on, Jules just got his A-Level results and got into his dream university and my neighbor is going to help him move into accommodation, they're honestly like brothers it's so beautiful.

Thanks for reading, let me know if there are questions. Vinaris

Never Forget!

I can remember that day like it was yesterday...

I was home packing my stuff to get ready for when my husband was out of basic training. I NEVER yell or even raise my voice to hardly anyone ever. My dad has always had a wicked temper, and my sister also had a knack for starting yelling matches with him.

One night, she forgot to do something she was supposed to, and the yelling started again. I ignored it up until he called her stupid. It got under my skin so I spoke up a little saying that he shouldn't call her that. He hollered back, "You are MY daughters, I can talk to you however I want!" That's when I snapped.

I saw red for the first time in my life, and I completely lost it. I screamed back at him at how I was tired of him treating us like garbage when he lost his temper, at how we hid in the back room with my mom until he cooled off, and how all I wanted was to visit my family before I had to move over 12 hours away from them. I also threatened that if he EVER wanted to see me again, then he needed to shut up and sit in the corner until he was done throwing a fit.

I yelled at him for the first time in my life for a solid 30 minutes. I didn't stop until everything I had to say built over the years was out, and I saw him go from red-faced angry, to what seemed to be guilt-ridden. When I finally stopped, he was quiet. He didn't say a word and walked away. Shortly after I moved out, he went to a doctor and has been put on some medication to help with his anger issues.

Now he's super friendly, and I haven't heard him throw a tantrum like he used to in over 10 years now. He has never spoken poorly to me or my sister since then either. Srasja

Get out of the club! 

This happened in some club ages ago. I was bouncing around on the dance floor with everybody else and apparently stepped on some dudes foot who had been standing there with his posse of 2 or 3 other guys watching people.

I shrugged and apologized, then turned around to leave. Right then "somebody" smacked me in the back of the head. Not hard, but too hard to ignore. I turned around still calm and said something like "Look, I'm gonna walk this way, you guys stay here and nothing more needs to happen."

Turned around again, got smacked in the head again. I was very much pissed off at that point. It didn't help that they looked at me all innocent. I couldn't even tell which one of them did it. So I just stuck my finger in the face of the dude who's foot I allegedly stepped on and recommended he don't do it again. Turned around once more, waiting to get smacked in the head again.

This time they poured a glass of beer in my back. That's when I completely lost my mind. Threw myself around and went straight at the guy. I was in full rage mode, didn't care what happened next as long as that guy suffered. I could tell by the terrified look on his face he realized he had gone too far. His friends never stepped in to help him. After a while people separated us and that was that.

I have no sympathy at all for people who resort to violence for solving their problems but feel no shame for having snapped in that situation. I think I did everything in my power to avoid what eventually happened. McPansen



My friend is bad with math, i was explaining a thing once, it took 10 minutes, he tells me he doesn't get it, so i sit there and explain this thing more deeply, took 30 minutes, he's like: takes in-ear headphones out of ear (he was covering it with his hand) Oh sorry i wasn't listening to You, found this amazing radio recently.

I lost my damn mind. 22dunix

Bully down! 

This guy broke all of my markers back in middle school, I told the teacher and got him publicly embarrassed, but it wasn't over. I was holding my trumpet and he kept messing with my hair at a concert and just kept touching me. I've always been known as never being angry, but he did it again in a room without the teacher. I grabbed his leg when he kicked me and lifted it up, throwing him down. He never messed with me after that. Poqqers

Oh Hell Na!!!

A guy kicked my dog. I had never hit anyone before that moment. Almost got charged, but I'd do it again. NCFire94


As a surgeon I try to remain calm and steady about most everything. Even all the staff comments about it about how I'm the most calm surgeon they've ever met.

One time taking out someone's gallbladder, the assistant needs to grab it and hold it up so I can free stuff up. Newer person was helping me and moving a little too fast without seeing where their instrument was going before grabbing the gallbladder. When the camera finds their grasper, they ended up poking a small hole in the liver. I let out an audible sigh and small grumble.

Ended up not bleeding all that much and rest of surgery went fine. One of these days I want to throw instruments like some other people I know just to see how people react. Nysoz

Well it's 5 o'clock somewhere...

I'm a soccer referee, and known for being calm no matter how heated a player/coach/fan gets. About 6 months ago I was officiating a girls U16 game and when a player from team A fouled a player from team B, the B players mom jumped up and said "don't touch my daughter, b***h!"

I threw out the parent and stopped the game for 2 minutes to lecture the entire group of spectators, at one point using the phrase "my job is to babysit your daughters, not some out of shape middle aged mom who's drinking wine out of her coffee cup at 9 in the morning."

Not a peep from the sidelines the rest of the game. hexables

God bless the clarinet...


In 7th grade, I was at an honor band. This guy that was 2 years older kept trying to randomly hug me or pull on my hair or pop my bra strap, so I turned around and smacked him in the face with my clarinet case. hunterkat457

Not MY dog!

Just this week when two pitbulls forced their way under my fence and mauled my dog. I always worried that if stuff went down and I had to act in an emergency I would freeze up. Didn't happen. I called 911 screaming at the dispatcher that they were killing my dog, begging the police to get there. I was pounding on the window screaming at the dogs at the same time. Just pure terror and helplessness. I was sure she was going to die, but instead those dogs are dead and my little pitty is going to recover. After I calmed down, I told one of the officers to apologize to the dispatch lady for me.Spattie

Roses are red...

I had things all set up to play piano with a string quartet for a wedding ceremony in church. The grand piano was up front, near the couple, and the organ in the rear to be used later.

When I entered the church, I found that the florist had placed a large vase of roses on the grand piano, using the sheet music for the string quartet underneath the vase to absorb water.

Rarely do I lose my cool, but I did that time. Members of the string quartet told him in no uncertain terms where he could stick those roses as they tried to salvage their soaked music scores. Back2Bach


It was halloween and I was sitting out front of my house watching my sister take my niece, who was around 4 trick or treating. The people who lived above us (we lived in a maisonette) decided to shoot a firework at them. This is the only time I've lost my mind. Got them inside the house made sure they were alright, sister had only a few non-serious burns on her arm and managed to shield my niece from the explosion. At that point i was just so angry, went up to their door and starting banging on it demanding they come out. They didn't answer so i starting trying to kick the door in. My mum and brother dragged me away and back inside to calm me down. Half an hour later the police arrived because the neighbors had called them about me. Luckily after we explained what had actually happened i didn't get in any trouble. But neither did they. Sorry for it being poorly written I'm not the the best writer. atomicbadgger

Don't be petty! 

At the time of this incident, I was a generally quiet, respectful 14-year old girl. My mom had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and she was preparing to embark on a very tough 6 months of treatment. My dad came over for some reason (my parents are divorced) and he lost his temper over something (this was not uncommon). He starts standing over my mom and yelling at her while she is crying on the couch. I'd never gotten involved in this stuff before, but I got right in his face and shouted at him to get out. I escorted him to the door, reminded him that my mom is dealing with way bigger crap than whatever petty thing he's angry about, and slammed the door behind him. Hiciao

Whispous for the win!


In secondary school, a girl sitting next to me kept emptying my pencil case onto the floor and laughing with her friend about it, so I punched her on the top of the head. Sort of like a lever coming down.

She cried and I got detention but that was fine. Looking back, she probably fancied me but you mess with whispous you get the lever-thump.

I'm 30 now but if you empty my pencil case onto the floor I'll still take a detention for a good downward thump.