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Coral Lytle, a 41-year-old mother in Tulare, California, pleaded guilty in March to 21 sex-related crimes related to her repeated intercourse with the two high school freshman boys her daughters had been dating.

According to local news station KFSN, the charges against Lytle included "unlawful sexual intercourse, oral copulation and contacting a minor for sex."

Lytle allegedly had sex with the two students from Redwood High School multiple times between September and October 2017, providing them with cigars and alcohol and driving to their location for the affairs.

Prosecutors in Lytle's case wrote of her crimes:

"The crimes in this case committed by the defendant involved great cruelty and callousness especially considering the defendant took advantage of a position of trust to molest two boys who she met when they (were in) teenage dating relationships with the defendant's daughters."

Authorities first became aware of Lytle's dalliance when they were approached by one of the teen boys:

"[The victim] stated this was the last time he had sex with [Lytle] because he felt bad shaking [Lytle's] husband's hand knowing what he was doing with [Lytle]."

Though Lytle original plead guilty to the charges, the plea deal has fallen apart at different judges who have come in contact with her case have disagreed on the appropriate punishment.

In March, a judge said 3 years would be appropriate, but another in April said one year would be sufficient. Finally, last week, a third judge ruled that the most recent sentence was not adequate, and scheduled yet another hearing which has not yet occurred.

At this upcoming hearing, Lytle will be given the chance to offer a new plea.

Twitter was disgusted by her behavior:

The case is still ongoing, but Lytle's husband filed divorce papers within days of her arrest and its unlikely she'll escape jail time, especially if she pleads guilty to charges once again.

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