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Bryce Dallas Howard Says She Was Told To Lose Weight Before Filming 'Jurassic World: Dominion'

Bryce Dallas Howard Says She Was Told To Lose Weight Before Filming 'Jurassic World: Dominion'
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Bryce Dallas Howard has starred in major films like The Help, The Village and Rocketman. Perhaps her most well-known—and arguably popular—role is Claire Dearing in the Jurassic World saga.

Howard starred in each of the new Jurassic World films. The last film released in 2022 grossed over a billion dollars at the worldwide box office.

Seems Howard is doing something right.

However, the 3rd generation Hollywood actor revealed in an interview with Metro that executives at Universal Pictures pressured her to lose weight—again—for the latest Jurassic World film. According to Howard, her weight was discussed before each film, but there was increased pressure on the latest film because of the other women added to the cast.

Howard said:

"What being in this third film allowed, how do I say this, how do I say this, how do I say this…[I’ve] been asked to not use my natural body in cinema."

You can see her Metro interview here:

But Howard received support from Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow.

Trevorrow responded to requests for Howard to lose weight saying:

"There are lots of different kinds of women on this planet and there are lots of different kinds of women in our film."

Howard added dieting during filming would have kept her from pulling off some of the action and stunts.

"I got to do so many stunts that wouldn't have been possible if I had been dieting."
"I'm really thrilled at all the action I got to do, and I got to do it with my body, she was at her maximum strength, and I hope it's just another indication of what's possible."

During filming in 2020, Howard proudly displayed her bruises from some of the more daring stunts.

Fans were glad Howard stuck to her guns.

More seemed perturbed with the studio.

Howard now enjoys the ability to eat what she wants after going through a raw vegan diet for years.

"Breakfast is blueberry pancakes, hash browns, and bacon."
"I like to start my day big."

Universal's stance is nothing new.

Hollywood is obsessed with thinness to the detriment of several notable stars whose issues with addiction stemmed from studio demands for unrealistic or unobtainable body images.

As far as Bryce Dallas Howard is concerned, she's ready to break through Hollywood stereotypes for leading ladies.