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This Wednesday, The Sixth Sense and Armageddon actor Bruce Willis appeared at the opening ceremony of the Phillies-Brewers game to perform the first pitch.

But despite his batting lessons prior to the game and his years as John McClane, Bruce Willis' pitch arguably wasn't to "die hard" for.

The actor can be seen in multiple pictures and videos standing before the mound.

Willis pitched a ball that landed on a bounce in front of the Phillies catcher.

You can see it in this popular NBC Sports recap.

Like most embarrassing moments, onlookers have taken to Twitter to preserve the memory.

In multiple video renditions of Willis's first pitch, boos, shouts of encouragement and laughter can be heard immediately after his pitch landed on a bounce.

Of course, there have also been Die Hard references—and puns—aplenty.

They have been as chilling as the final resolution in The Sixth Sense (okay, maybe we won't go that far, but some of these tweets are ruthless).

Whether or not he can throw a Philly-worthy pitch at a Brewers game, Bruce Willis is still a neat guy—and maybe a little bit of a love machine (at least in his die-hard love for the Phillies).

After all, Willis made over 70 movies. He was too busy to learn how to throw a ball?

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