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Laura Ingraham's Own Brother Slammed Her 'Monstrous Behavior' After She Compared Greta Thunberg To 'Children Of The Corn'

Fox News

Far Right Fox News host Laura Ingraham used her nationally televised show to bully a 16 year old girl for having the courage to take world leaders to task for their inaction on the scientific consensus that climate change poses an urgent threat to human life everywhere.

All in a day's work.

Ingraham compared a powerful speech by Thunberg to Children of the Corn, a Stephen King story about a cult of children who participate in human sacrifice.

Watch below.

People were sickened at the 56 year old Ingraham's willingness to call a 16 year old girl a cult leader.

Among them was Ingraham's estranged brother, Curtis.

Curtis Ingraham has spoken out against his sister before, describing her as a "monster."

People agreed with his take.

Not unlike the witch in Hansel and Gretel, Ingraham has targeted children and teenagers before.

She once taunted Parkland shooting survivor and March for Our Lives co-founder, David Hogg, about his college rejections when he was a senior in high school.

After massive backlash, Ingraham was forced to apologize and spend a week off the air.

Sadly, Ingraham isn't the only adult threatened by a teenage girl armed with scientific facts. Another Fox News contributor called Thunberg "mentally ill" hours before Ingraham's comments, forcing Fox to issue an apology.


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