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British Woman Had Never Heard Of Ranch Dressing, So Someone Sent Her A Bottle—And Her Reaction Is Priceless

British Woman Had Never Heard Of Ranch Dressing, So Someone Sent Her A Bottle—And Her Reaction Is Priceless

Think back to the first time you ever tried ranch dressing. What was the experience like?

Did your tastebuds explode in ecstasy? Was your life forever changed upon encountering such a glorious flavor and texture, especially one that complimented other decadent foods like french fries, chicken fingers or even a big old salad?

Or maybe you went the other way. Perhaps you scrunched your eyes and pursed your lips. Perhaps you couldn't stand the stuff, and you wondered what all the fuss was about.

Or, as was the case for one Britain-based TikTok user until very recently, maybe you still haven't laid tongue upon ranch dressing at all.

Lucky for you—and the internet in general—that TikTok user's video was very expressive. We'll never wonder how she felt about the creamy cultural phenomenon that is ranch.

The video, posted by TikTok user Dawn Farmer, began with her explaining some context.

She shared that she'd never even heard of ranch dressing until she saw Americans discuss it in various TikTok videos over the last few months. Eager to let Farmer in on the ranch fun, one TikTok user apparently sent her a bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing to give it a taste.

The video then cut to Farmer's initial interaction with the dressing, which can best be described as a scientist interacting with a never-before-seen creature:

"Okay so I've poured a bit into a container. It's really thick and smells quite mayo-y. I'm not sure how I feel about it."
"I'm just gonna dip some cucumber sticks into it because I literally have nothing else in my house."

Then, after munching down just a couple times, Farmer shared her thoughts.

"Oh it's good isn't it? Oh hell yeah, that's nice. Oh yeah, I can see why you like it. 10 out of 10. Oh I'll be using that."

TikTok users who saw the video were thrilled to see that ranch dressing scored a new fan.


Jared Marshall/TikTok

Tatum Talks/TikTok

A couple people became downright patriotic about the whole thing.


Jon Pack/TikTok

And a good amount of people weighed in with their tips to take her ranch game to the next level.



Sorgan spapengelr/TikTok

Laura Aigner/TikTok


Later on, Farmer heeded their calls to expand her ranch applications.

She posted follow-up videos that captured her first interactions with ranch on french fries, chicken strips, celery and even mashed potatoes.

Each food brought yet another satisfied eye-roll. It's all a part of Farmer's much more expansive string of videos trying all sorts of American treats.

BuzzFeed News caught up with her to ask what makes her do what she does.

"I've always been very curious about the differences between the UK and the US—and this includes food! So, I have been extremely excited and interested to try as many different things as I can."
"Having a big American following on TikTok also just makes me even more curious to try all of the different things over there!"