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Bridezilla's List Of Demands For Potential Bridal Party Members Is Totally Bonkers 😮

Bridezilla's List Of Demands For Potential Bridal Party Members Is Totally Bonkers 😮

As a general rule, I don't really like using the word "bridezilla" - there really isn't anything wrong with a bride (or any human being, really) knowing exactly what they want and stating it clearly. As long as you're not rude or unreasonable, things are all good. Lots of brides get labeled as bridezillas unfairly. Then there's this bride-to-be. We can honestly say that this young woman well and truly earned her bridezilla label, and she's not even engaged yet!

Bridezilla was outed by her sister, which makes the whole thing somehow jucier. Let's start from the top, shall we? The JustNoFamily subreddit is devoted to talking about those family members we all have ... you know the ones we mean. Those family members who are just trash bag human beings. Not trash human beings, since that implies they have substance, but trash bag human beings - flaccid and empty. Bridezilla has a history of being terrible, so much so that regular readers of the JustNoFamily subreddit might already know her by another name. Her sister has posted about her before; she's been dubbed "The Gnat."

The Gnatzilla (someone trademark that, it's awesome) is at it again. This time, she's found love. Now that she's "almost engaged" she's decided that it's time to encourage her friends and family to fight for the honor of being in her wedding party. She texted out a list of "available spots" and followed it up with some requirements that are just ... well... we'll let you see for yourself.

Here is her sister's original Reddit text. We censored out the username since she has now deleted most of the post, so she's obviously trying to avoid Gnatzilla drama.:


It sounds bad, but it's so much worse, and more expensive, than you think. Sister came through with receipts!




Essentially, Gnatzilla outlined a list of demands that people needed to shower her with expensive gifts, parties, and money if they wanted the "honor" of being in the bridal party. Reddit responded by reassuring sister that yeah, she's right to just swat the Gnat away.

Yeah, just text her no thanks and be done with it. I mean, are any of her potential victims, i mean bridal party, going to say yes to that?


Uh yeah. I'd be sending a "have a nice life" message and cutting all ties with someone pulling that shit.


My reply to the text would be: "I'm sorry, I'll be washing my hair from today up until after your wedding. It's a very long and involved process. I wish you well!" (Yes, I would do this to a super entitled bridezilla)


People were quick to point out how much money she stood to make off of her bridal party.

Let's see..$500 cash/check x 8 = $4,000
$100 "day of" x 8 = $800
$50 party gift x 11 (8 events + bridal shower + bachelor party + bachelorette party) x 8 = $4,400
For a total of $9200 or $1150/each.
And that's not including venue costs, food/drinks, wedding outfits/accessories, activities for the bachelor/bachelorette party, hair/makeup.
OP's sister is a whack job. I wouldn't spend that much on someone else's wedding, especially if they were demanding it.


"Please enter for your chance to pay me $1000 to be shitty to you for up to 2 years of engagement, including 8 parties, a bachelor/bachelorette party (one week long and out of the country, of course!), and a destination wedding (3 full days of events requiring you to miss another week of work to get to and from my questionable Thursday wedding).*

*All expenses for my travel, lodging, souvenirs, and inevitable bail and legal fees will be paid by you. Although my parent's are giving us $40,000 to pay for the wedding, we get to keep all excess funds, so you will also be required to make and put up decorations, take classes to make my ideal wedding cake and do my hair, makeup, and nails in a professional salon which you will pay to rent.

You will also be responsible for transporting all wedding gifts back from our destination wedding and into our apartment while we are gone on our honeymoon without tearing any wrapping paper and you must leave our apartment SPOTLESS (even if we leave it slaggardly). We have arranged with our landlord that he will only have the elevator down for maintenance during our honeymoon, so as not to inconvenience us, so know that the stairs are around the corner from the elevator and are enclosed with no air conditioning.

You, of course, will be responsible for paying for your own custom made wedding attire, as well as custom made attire to match the theme at each of the prior 8 parties and bachelorette party. You are responsible for your own transportation and lodging on all trips, and if you can only afford one first class ticket, please know that I will be okay sitting on my own in first class."


Holy mother of fucking wedding faux pas shenanigans! LMAO!!! I hope no one 'signs up' for any position in this bridal party. I'm starting to think being cast in the hunger games would be much easier..... financially anyway..... 😂😂😂


So in other words you must be willing to spend a minimum of $1,500. Yeah you can go ef yourself. Do the ring bearer and flower throw parties too?


Holy shit, that's trashtastic. Who does that? I asked my bridesmaids and MOH because they're important to me and I would be honored to have them stand up for me at my wedding. Making it a pay-to-play competition is just... gross. I hope nobody buys in because that's awful.


That's the woman asking for an entrance fee of $1500 from each to attend so she can afford her dream wedding on top of an actual wedding day gift of course. FUCK that. There's way too much money invested in weddings these days without a minimum momentary amount placed. Dresses, shoes, gifts and then brides adding expenses such as this....... I'd voluntarily asked to be removed from that list.


The consensus opinion was summed up nicely here:

How about "NO"?


H/T: Reddit, Bored Panda