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Scientists Have Created Environmentally-Friendly Bricks Made From Human Urine 😮

Photo by Andy Sacks via Getty Images

The University of Cape Town, South Africa has some pretty inventive students. They have figured out how to turn urine into biodegradable bricks.

Dyllon Randall, who supervised the project for the students told the BBC about the process saying.

"It's essentially the same way that coral is made in the ocean. In this example you take something that is considered a waste and make multiple products from it. You can use the same process for any waste stream. It's about rethinking things."

The process revolves around a naturally accruing event called microbial carbonate precipitation. It is similar to what happens when seashells are formed. Sand is mixed with bacteria and produces what is called urease. When it is mixed with urine it breaks down the urea and makes calcium carbonate which then cements the sand into shape.

Did you get all that? Neither did we, but it is still pretty cool. The urine bricks can become has hard as limestone and don't have to be fired in a kiln that releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The bricks do smell like ammonia, but that goes away after 48 hours of being aired out.

We're calling it a win!

Let the jokes flow.

If you are not even going to try to read the article.

Now that's more like it.

H/T: Mashable, The Guardian