I will never love anything in my life like this child loves hockey and his pet tarantula.

During the Washington Capitals game earlier this week, an interview with the Mite of the Nite, Jackson Friedlander has everyone excited.

The boy's infectious energy is prevalent throughout the whole video.

Friedlander scored two goals in his mite game that took place in Washington's game against the Toronto Maple Leafs. He was very excited when his name was announced to be interviewed over the PA.

The very first thing we learn about the little hockey player is:

"All I wanted is to have some speed and have fun. Always remember hockey's not about winning; it's always about fun."

Which is said with such a happy energy you can't help but smile!

After he's asked who his favorite Capitals player is, the boy says Ovechkin, before immediately pivoting to his pet tarantula Michael.


"I have a tarantula named Michael. He's a curly hair. He just had 2 crickets on Monday, 1 on Sunday. He has a big appetite."

Yes, this information is incredibly important.

We want to hear Friedlander give us daily updates on Michael the Tarantula.

Next, they cut to a clip of the hockey star's goals. The first one is a bit of a struggle, but the second one is a clear shot, even if he happens to flip on his back after making it.

Back at the interview, Friedlander is asked what he was thinking and he responds:

"All I wanted is to just shoot as hard as I can and go as fast as I can."

He's finally asked his last question: whether he has anything to say to his fans, which have probably increased exponentially in number because of this video.

He says:

"Everybody, my hockey team, Mom and Dad, I just love you so much everybody. Please, God bless everybody!"

Hearing his little voice sincerely wish the best for everyone is too much for this heart to bear.

We have no choice but to stan.

The video was shared across the internet, with Friedlander picking up new fans as it spread. It even became popular on Reddit's hockey board.

Over on r/Hockey, the fans couldn't help but share their ecstatic feelings for this little hockey player.

"I hope he makes it to the NHL and repeats this interview word for word after he scores his first goal." - violentgentlemen
"I like Tarantulas" - sup3rchi3f
"'just please god bless everybody'
well God, pucks in your zone, whattya gonna do? ignore this kid? yeah right he said please"
- dank360
"He's already a better interview than every single NHL player in the history of the league." - yguns031

Honestly, if you can assure me all hockey interviews would be this great, I would become a lifetime fan instantly.

In the meantime, let's all wish Friedlander a great season and hope Michael the tarantula is getting plenty of crickets.

Can't quite do the live spider? Yellies! voice activated spiders, available here, can be the next best thing.



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The event, entitled "Adios, America!" was a discussion on the "current United States immigration system and the dangers of mass immigration," according to Daily Beast.

She is known for spewing anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric, so it is no surprise that the talk included more of same ideas.

Skylar Schoemig of The Daily Californian Tweeted out quotes from the speech.

Barricades and police in riot gear guarded the building as Coulter was escorted into the event.

Demonstrators chanted "Ann Coulter go away, immigrants are here to stay" and "this is what democracy looks like" as she walked in.

Protestors also formed a human chain to prevent ticket holders from entering the event.

Moments after Coulter entered the Wheeler Hall auditorium, an attendee called her a "Nazi."

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Newsweek reported that she was given assault charges, with her bail set to $60,000.

Refuse Fascism, the protest's organizer, is calling for Youssif's release.

Atlas Winfrey, a Refuse Fascism protest organizer, estimated that 2,000 people at the protest.

Winfrey believes that more protests will take place in response to the arrests that were made.

It's not the first time that Coulter's presence has lead to a protest at the college.

In 2017, UC Berkley cancelled her scheduled appearance on the campus after officials feared they wouldn't be able to secure the speech site from demonstrators.

People on Twitter expressed confusion over why she was invited back to the school.

Others praised the students for taking a stand against Coulter and UC Berkeley.

Jack, a UC Berkeley Freshman, expressed his disappointment over the event to Berkleyside.

"It's even more appalling because today is Transgender Day of Remembrance. I'm here to represent my community as a queer and trans student. It's appalling that the administration would even consider having someone with extremely hateful rhetoric."

As of yet, UC Berkeley has not made a statement about the controversy.

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