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7-Year-Old Boy Calls Police After Not Being Allowed To Go Out And Play With His Friends During Lockdown

7-Year-Old Boy Calls Police After Not Being Allowed To Go Out And Play With His Friends During Lockdown
Alfie Bell and his mother Stephanie (Stephanie Bell/PA)

We are all a little stressed out after being at home for so long. Recently a seven-year-old undergoing 12 weeks of isolation called the police on his mother for not letting him out to play. And, we relate buddy.

Alfie Bell is in the highest risk category for contracting a virus due to complex health issues, so he and his mother Stephanie are facing three months of self-isolation in Fallin, Scotland.

Alfie suffers of Crohn's disease and is immunosuppressed. So, he needs extra protection. He normally receives injections every week to guard against infection as even catching chickenpox could prove fatal.

Medical staff told Bell her son should only be allowed to play on his trampoline in the garden for five minutes twice a day and no-one should be allowed in the house.

Stephanie Bell's son Alfie called 999 to report her to the police for keeping him in during isolation (Stephanie Bell/PA)

Advanced issue found

Alfie decided the restrictions were too much and called 999 (the UK's version of 911) from his room to report his mother to the police.

Bell posted that the call was a sign of them "failing miserably at isolation." And, same.

Bell said she had no idea what was going on when two police officers turned up at her door on Thursday afternoon.

“It's only me and my son in the house and we are kind of getting a bit sick of each other's company," she said.

“He got up on Thursday and said 'I'm going to the park' and he was going to see his friends. I said: 'No, you're not going anywhere, there's a bad bug outside and you can't go out.'"

Alfie was not happy.

“We had a full-scale argument, he was standing and shouting, and said he was going to go up the stairs. Five or six minutes later he came back down and then I heard this almighty bang at the door," she said.

“I got up and there were two policemen standing in the garden. They were like: 'What's happening here, what's wrong?' and I said: 'You tell me, you're at my door.'"

The officer said they had a missed call from a mobile number registered to her address and were sent out.

Bell realized her son must have called from his cellphone.

“I shouted him and he ran up the stairs. When I asked why he called them, he said: 'So you can go to the jail because you're not letting me out to play'," she said. "The phone has been temporarily confiscated."

Many can relate, since people have been isolated from friends and family.

Their community was quick to help with the situation.

Alfie's health is a priority, so some locals decided to pass by the house and play some games through the window.

“For eight days we really didn't see another human but after I put the picture up on Facebook we've had people at the window and waving and putting things through the door. It's a great wee community," she said.

It really warms my heart.