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Dave Chappelle Randomly Jumped On Stage For 'SNL''s Goodnights—And Bowen Yang Wasn't Having It

After Chappelle appeared on stage with the cast, alongside host Dakota Johnson and musical guest Justin Timberlake, at the end of Saturday's show, Yang seemed to get as far from Chappelle as possible—and he didn't look too happy about it.

Dave Chappelle Randomly Jumped On Stage For 'SNL''s Goodnights—And Bowen Yang Wasn't Having It

In a Saturday Night Live episode hosted by Dakota Johnson, comedian Dave Chappelle made a surprise appearance during the goodnight segment, causing raised eyebrows, especially from cast member Bowen Yang, who is gay.

Chappelle, known for controversial jokes that sparked backlash from the LGBTQ+ community, had no role in the episode but joined the stage for the ending credits alongside actually invited guests Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, and Jimmy Fallon.

Yang, visibly unamused and standing far from Chappelle, caught the audience's attention. He engaged in a brief exchange with fellow cast-member Sarah Sherman, who also looked around for Chappelle.

Yang turned away to face first the camera, then the audience on his side of the stage, clearly not wanting to share space or appear to give implicit approval of Chappelle.

Many people supported Yang's choice to make it clear that he was not interested in standing anywhere near Chapelle.

Some wondered why SNL would have Chappelle there, considering his reputation right now.

Others pointed out that the rest of the celebrities on stage weren't exactly the most palatable choices either.

Some folks just appreciated the attitude Yang managed to adopt throughout the whole end credits.

All in all, people were pretty big fans of Bowen Yang, it seemed, and significantly less so of Chappelle.

SNL began its 49th season last October, and will continue into the spring.