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GOP Rep. Questioned Who's Running The 'Biden White House'—And It Instantly Backfired

GOP Rep. Questioned Who's Running The 'Biden White House'—And It Instantly Backfired
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

GOP Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado has made headlines for her "super embarrassing" behavior more than once.

She's done it again with a tweet claiming nobody knew who was running the Biden White House.

Boebert answered her own query by calling it "the Biden White House," something Twitter was all too happy to point out along with a whole lot more. The tweet really did not go well for Boebert.

We'll start with the tweet...

...and the expected comment-section slaughter.

Boebert's habit of public embarrassments was something Twitter users brought up pretty much immediately.

Rep Lauren Boebert's troubles date back to well before she was elected to the House of Representatives in 2020.

Her husband was arrested for exposing himself to minors. Boebert was reportedly one of them before they were married.

The pair own a 2nd-amendment-themed restaurant in a city named after a gun. Staff and customers are encouraged to open carry.

There was a murder in the alleyway behind the restaurant shortly after it opened. Boebert herself has a lengthy arrest record.

She allegedly acted as a "tour guide" for future rioters prior to the January 6 insurrection. At the time of the walk throughs Congress was advised the Capitol was closed for tours.

Her Twitter has been filled with transphobic rants; quite a few factual errors; mocking of inclusivity, accountability and vegetarians; and a lot of first cousin/father of my child drama from her mom.

Now that you have the backstory...

Yeah ... that didn't go well for her at all.