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Bob Woodward Warns That He Has The Receipts If Anyone Challenges His Credibility And He's Not Afraid To Release Them

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Bob Woodward, the renowned investigative Washington Post journalist's latest book Fear: Trump in the White House details a chaotic Trump White House.

Woodward said he can back up every quote in his book.

And he is not afraid to release the tapes.

Woodward is half of the famous Woodward and Bernstein journalism team from The Washington Post that exposed corruption and helped bring down President Richard Nixon by breaking open the Watergate scandal. They chronicled their journey in their book All the President's Men which became the Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman hit film of the same name.

The DC press veteran told CBS This Morning he had "literally hundreds of hours of tapes if somebody comes out and denies something specifically, if somebody really wants to challenge me, of course."

This is not Woodward's first go around with a President. He authored 17 previous books on Washington politics and covered every President since Nixon in them.

The Washington Post reporter and associate editor knows how it goes and told CBS:

"Look, going back to the Nixon case, with any of these books, you are going to have what I call 'survival denial' by somebody who wants to be politically connected with the president, and that's fine."
"I have done this time and time again—you get denials."

Bob Woodward says he would release the Fear interview tapes if needed.

For his part, President Donald Trump sent out his thoughts on Fear: Trump in the White House in a number of tweets.

And there was this retweet he shared from Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders as well as other statements Trump demanded from his top staff members denying the book's claims.

It is a bit of a "who talked to Woodward, who wrote The New York Times OpEd" witch hunt at the White House right now.

But most folks put their money on Woodward's honesty.

While previous administrations did not always like what Woodward wrote about them, and some individuals tried to deny their statements until Woodward provided the proof, no President accused Woodward of lying.

Until the one President with his own serious credibility issues.

Canadian newspaper the Toronto Star dedicated an entire webpage to tracking Trump false statements and lies.

People are siding with Woodward online in a big way.

And wondering when the White House will ask Woodward to provide the proof that refutes everything Trump stated and tweeted.

We may have a long wait.

H/T: Newsweek, CBS

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