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Bullies' Boat Literally Explodes After They're Filmed Harassing Family For Flying Pride Flags

Bullies' Boat Literally Explodes After They're Filmed Harassing Family For Flying Pride Flags

A speed boat carrying three people suddenly exploded and caught fire on Moses Lake in Washington state. This took place just as they were circling and allegedly harassing another boat for flying LGBTQ+ Pride flags.

One of the people in the flag-flying boat, a self described trans and queer healthcare professional, managed to catch the whole thing on video.

They've aptly called the moment a case of instant karma.

They posted photos and videos of the incident to Twitter and TikTok, where the content went viral. As the caption on their Twitter post hammered home, the boat explosion came right on cue.

Everyone onboard the exploding vessel was unharmed, but their boat appeared to be a total loss.

In addition to the photos, they also posted a pair of TikTok videos documenting the chaos.

Despite all the anti-lgbtq slurs and bullying, the people on board the boat with the Pride flags immediately dropped everything to help their harassers.


We safely got them out of the water immediately. We were nicer than they were. #pride #lgbtq #boat #Fail #Karma #Gay #hate #sorrynotsorry

People who came across the TikTok video doubted whether they would have been so willing to help people who spewed so much hate just moments before.



Courtney Craven/TikTok

Dark Umbreon/TikTok

They posted a second video documenting their efforts to retrieve the people from the water.


Reply to @dark_umbre0n Part two with my two best friends @retro_ushi_ and @nova.starr96 #Gay #hate #sorrynotsorry #Karma #Fail #boat #lgbtq #pride

TikTokers found poetic justice in the incident.

Nathan Klodt144/TikTok




Coming just as Pride Month is beginning, the event very likely will not be the first time LGBTQ+ people are harassed for celebrating their lives, identities, equality and safety.

But perhaps the universe has stepped in to offer a little protection this year.