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New Video Shows Bullies Sobbing After LGBTQ Boaters They Harassed Rescue Them—Without A Thank You


A new video related to the seeming instant-karma event, in which a group of homophobic bullies' boat exploded seconds after they were harassed a boaters with pride flags on their boat, showed an even more disturbing and new side to the story.

The incident took place on Lake Moses in Washington state.

The bullies, who were forced to abandon ship when their boat started acting strangely, were actually rescued by the boaters they harassed as they were one of the only nearby boats.

You can see the video here:

@uhohbigboi Reply to @dark_umbre0n Part two with my two best friends @retro_ushi_ and @nova.starr96 ##Gay ##hate ##sorrynotsorry ##Karma ##Fail ##boat ##lgbtq ##pride
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Here are the other posts about the incident:

The bullies wailed and cried about their boat, but did not offer the other boaters—who possibly saved their lives—so much as a thank you after being rescued from the water.

Twitter wasn't so sure they were willing to be as nice to that group of people as the original poster of the video was.

After awhile, the bullies got picked up by another passing boat which, they claimed, contained friends of theirs.

"Go home, b*tches, I swear to God," said one of the people on the rainbow boat, eager to get rid of the intruders who couldn't spare the simplest gesture of gratitude.

As the friends' boat drove away with the bullies in tow, one of the people on the rainbow boat starts explaining what's happening.

"They came out and did a bunch of circles around us to stir up the water on us because we have a gay flag."
"Then we saved their a**."

Karma works in strange ways. But will those people figure out they were rescued by the very people they were targeting with their hatred?

One would certainly hope so, but the lack of a thank you doesn't seem promising.