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Blind Man Speaks Out After He Was Kicked Out Of Gym When Woman Accused Him Of 'Staring'

21-year-old TikTok star Toby Addison recently opened up on 'Happy Hour Podcast' about what happened.

Toby Addison on Happy Hour Podcast

In a recent episode of the Happy Hour Podcast, Toby Addison, a 21-year-old psychology and counseling student, shared a mortifying experience in which he was unjustly kicked out of a gym for allegedly staring creepily at a woman.

What made the incident even more baffling was the fact that Toby is blind.

Recounting the incident, Toby explained that he was simply minding his own business while working out when he overheard a woman remark:

"Oh, do you like the view?"

Being visually impaired, Toby admitted that he often struggles with determining where he is looking. Unfortunately, in this particular instance, his gaze coincided with a woman who happened to be doing some exercises nearby.

Initially, Toby didn't realize that the woman's comment was directed at him because he believed he hadn't done anything wrong. However, she persistently accused him of staring at her and demanded that he stop being so creepy.

Toby, wanting to clarify the misunderstanding, informed her that he was blind and therefore couldn't see her. Regrettably, his explanation fell on deaf ears as she refused to believe him.

To Toby's disbelief, the situation escalated further when the woman called upon the gym manager and insisted that Toby be removed from the facility.

Toby recounted the whole experience on his TikTok:

Despite his attempts to reason with them and explain his visual impairment, the woman remained adamant, even going as far as telling Toby to "shut up." Consequently, he was forced to leave the gym, leaving him feeling humiliated and unjustly treated.

Following the release of the podcast episode, viewers flooded the clip with messages of support and admiration for Toby. Many praised him for his resilience and positive outlook despite the challenges he faces.

Watch his full Happy Hour Podcast interview below:

The incident sparked a conversation about disability awareness and the importance of empathy and understanding in public spaces.

While Toby has not indicated whether he plans to pursue legal action or reveal the identity of the gym, his experience serves as a reminder of the challenges that individuals with disabilities may face in their daily lives.

It also highlights the need for education and awareness to ensure inclusivity and respect for everyone, regardless of their abilities.

This incident should prompt gym owners and staff members to revisit their policies and training regarding disability accommodation to prevent similar situations from occurring in the future.

Additionally, it underscores the importance of fostering an environment that values diversity and promotes empathy, so that individuals like Toby can feel welcomed and supported in their fitness journeys.

YouTube was up in arms over what happened to Toby.

“We live in a world where we should all be inclusive, yet a blind man who clearly is trying to prove he's visually impaired still gets accused of being a gym creep. Don't blame him for not going back.” - @adamburke4738

Absolutely mental they still asked him to leave after explaining he was blind. Some people man. Great story tho Tobes! Inspirational af - @BCKWRDZVISION

“This guy is one of your best guests, the confidence of him and his stories. Total respect.” - @box0ftricks116

“How did she know he was constantly staring at her? She was staring back... And since he's blind he wasn't staring, she was the one that was constantly staring at him... She was in fact the gym creep” - @killabuddha88

TikTokers felt the same.






As for Toby Addison, he continues to inspire others through his TikTok account (@blindtobes) and remains determined to overcome obstacles and pursue his dreams of becoming a psychologist.