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Black Texas Veteran Afraid For His Life After Trump Supporter Seemingly Put A 'Bounty' On Him

Black Texas Veteran Afraid For His Life After Trump Supporter Seemingly Put A 'Bounty' On Him
KENS 5/YouTube

The aftermath of a pro-Trump event in Texas has a community bracing itself for violence. Viral Facebook posts after the event have been interpreted by the residents of New Braunfels as threats against members of the community.

But one of the men in the viral image, Andrae Blissett, has no idea why he's being threatened.

You can see local news coverage here:

It started after the "Trump Train" event in the town. The event is a parade that supports Donald Trump.

A Facebook post from a Trump supporter showed two images: one from the event of a truck dragging a Black Lives Matter flag underneath it and the other of four Black men.

The post was captioned:

"Faces everyone needs to keep their eyes open for at the next Trump Train."
"Trust me it might be best to be strapped. But, we can't let guys like this stop any of us."

Blissett, an Air Force veteran and musician was one of the men being threatened in the image. But he has no connection to the Trump Train.

He's never protested the event and doesn't know why they would threaten him.

After the post went viral, Bissett has been worried.

He told local NewsWest9:

"The intention is hurt. It is a threat. In my view this is the same as putting a bounty out on somebody."
"My head is on a swivel."

New Braunfels Mayor Rusty Brockman denounced the social media post, saying he doesn't condone speech with implied hatred. While Brockman didn't elaborate on the posts, he did promise city officials wouldn't turn a blind eye to the event.

Trump supporters have been in the news lately with some seeing their tactics ramping up in preparation for the November election.

To some, this is another extension of their escalation.

The organizers of the Trump Train have disavowed the creator of the original post, and said that anyone who spreads a message of hate is not welcome.

The original creator of the post has also attempted to reach out to Blissett and apologize. He claimed he just wanted people to be safe.