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'Black Panther' Has a Bunch of Easter Eggs... Did You Catch Them?

Look closely... they're there

'Black Panther' Has a Bunch of Easter Eggs... Did You Catch Them?
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"Black Panther" became the fourth-highest opening day for a superhero movie, bringing in an impressive $75.6 million at the box office between Thursday night and Friday. Superhero fatigue is all but a myth now. But some super fans noticed some hidden gems in the movie. Here are a few of them, thanks to Mashable.


Wakanda's source of power, also used to create Captain America's shield, made an appearance, but it was probably pretty obvious to most fans. Still, the reference was a nice one. Vibranium offers nearly unlimited protection.

Hatut Zeraze

SPOILER ALERT: The secret Wakandan assassination force is referenced in the post-credit scene, and it has fans pretty excited about the (presumed) sequels.

Everett K. Ross

Being white, his character was the focus of some subtle comic relief in the movie, as he was treated as a sidekick. It is also revealed he is a former US Air Force pilot.

"Everett K. Ross Was Purposefully Brought Into Captain America: Civil War for his Role in Black Panther," tweeted Black Girl Nerds Has Arrived.


Although Mashable describes this Easter egg as "a bit of a stretch," the Wakandan City of the Dead plays an integral role in the comic's backstory. T'Challa "visits" Necropolis after ascending to power, reuniting with his dead father. Necropolis is the home of the afterlife for fallen Wakanden heroes. It could be a hint for more to come in the sequel.


The Queen of Wakanda's appearance drove fans wild, especially when she referred to a white man as a "colonizer." But her story goes deeper than that, as she invented many of Wakanda's most sophisticated technological devices.


"Shuri is the real mvp. That is all," Geeks of Color shared.

You want to see it again now, don't you?