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Black Cat Who Went Viral After Storming Field During Game Inspires Fake Documentary

Black Cat Who Went Viral After Storming Field During Game Inspires Fake Documentary
Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

Move over, Patrick Mahomes.

Tom Brady who?

Sit down, Aaron Rodgers.

There is a new NFL MVP and he is MVP until the end of time.

Who is this legend?

Why, the black cat that ran onto the field during this week's Monday Night Football game between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants, of course.

During the second quarter, he appeared as if from nowhere, like a late-Halloween talisman from another dimension, dashing downfield with what ESPN commentator Joe Tessitore called, "great lateral movement." Which is possibly the greatest understatement in the history of football.

I mean, look at this guy dashing for the endzone—and into our hearts.

    As you might expect, over the course of the week Football Cat has gone viral on the ol' interwebs and become the NFL's newest star. In fact, he's even won a Heisman by unanimous vote.

    Sound unbelievable?

    Well here you go. There's now a documentary that finally sheds light on this heroic dark horse... cat...

    Finally, the tribute he deserves.

    A 2.8 second 40-yard dash. He made a seasoned NFL player throw up in the weight room.


    And all from a guy who grew up feral beneath the bleachers of MetLife Stadium.

    If that's not a uniquely American success story, I just don't know what is. We need a Football Cat biopic yesterday.

    It's only fitting for a feline football phenom whose athletic meow-wess—sorry, prowess—had even State Troopers running onto the field for a bit of gridiron madness.

    Anyway, as you might guess, Football Cat's documentary has really tugged at sports fans' heart strings.

    And it seems that he was perhaps destined for football stardom, from a very young age.

    And he's even inspiring new generations of football stars.

    There is a legend in our midst—there's just no doubt about it.

    Football Cat: the hero none of us asked for but we all definitely needed. Give him a trophy full of catnip immediately.

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