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This Genius Twitter Account Reminds Us Of Some Of The Bizarre Fashion Choices At Movie Premieres In The '90s

Ron Galella Ltd. / Ron Galella / Getty Images, @scottstev / Twitter

We've been seeing a major resurgence in '90s fashion lately. In theory this means flower prints and adorable boots with a choker or two thrown in for good measure.

In practice, though, '90s fashion was an altogether more terrifying and unflattering monster. Take it from those of us who lived the nightmare in real time. Street style was all baggy clothes, bangs Aqua-Netted up to Jesus, and layered/stacked socks. Surely the red carpet fashion had to be better, though... right?


Enter Twitter account @NightOpening. We like to think of it as a walk down memory lane — only we were kinda' happier not remembering these moments.

Let these examples be a cautionary fashion tale to you all.

We know, we know... it's a lot to take in. But Twitter had no problems processing the multiple layers of "oh god no."

Remember folks, the '90s was kind of a tragic fashion era — for everyone. Eyebrows were nowhere to be found, shoulder pads ruled the world, and nothing — and we mean nothing — was properly tailored. If you're going to give it a try, proceed with caution.