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Big Bird Filmed Pulling Wheelies Down The Street In Bizarre St. Patrick's Day Celebration

Big Bird on a moped (Robbie Farrell)

There are a lot of things you expect seeing during St. Patrick's Day. Big Bird is not one of them. This quad bike rider dressed as Big Bird was spotted performing stunts on a road despite the cancellation of the parade.

The Sesame Street character has become a regular sight at the annual parade in Rush, County Dublin, Ireland, according to locals.

Can someone explain to me why?

Anyway, despite the festivities being cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic, Big Bird was still spotted pulling side wheelies on the town's Main Street.

"I was just walking up the road earlier and he drove by like this," Robbie Farrell told PA.

"I think it was just the fact that all the parades were cancelled he decided he'd have a bit of fun."

Twitter loved it.

The video quickly clocked 200,000 views as people sought light relief from the continuing news of the spread of COVID-19.

"Seems to have put a few smiles on people's faces through all this," Farrell added.