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Ben Shapiro Argues Against Gay Marriage Because Even 'Visitors From Mars' Would Oppose It

The 'Daily Wire' host used Martians to rail against the Left for arguing against 'religious liberty'.

Screenshot of Ben Shapiro and Matt Walsh
The Ben Shapiro Show

Right-wing provocateur Ben Shapiro was mocked profusely after he argued against same-sex marriage because even "visitors from Mars" would oppose it.

During a conversation with anti-transgender far-right pundit Matt Walsh about marriage equality, Shapiro said he is "highly annoyed by the constant derogation of non-religious arguments into religious arguments" because that is what "the left loves to do."

To demonstrate what he believes is a totally logical argument against same-sex marriage that is both non-religious and non-discriminatory, Shapiro opined that a person "could be a visitor from Mars" and still see that same-sex marriages are invalid because "all of human procreation relies on man/woman/child."

You can hear what he said in the video below.

Shapiro first launched into a rant about how most people think that others are opposed to marriage equality because of religious reasons.

“That’s really the only reason at all. That the only reason – we’ll allow you to have these crazy beliefs so long as you can show that they’re crazy beliefs."
"So long as you can show that the reason you believe a marriage is between a man and a woman is because you read it in a book, and because you really believe the book – they keep saying sincere religious belief.”
“I don’t even know how you measure sincere religious belief. I’m highly annoyed by the constant derogation of non-religious arguments into religious arguments. This is what the left loves to do.”

Then he somehow managed to include the sentiments of extraterrestrial beings into his argument, adding:

“The argument for marriage has literally nothing to do with religion. You could be a visitor from Mars and you could see that all of human procreation relies on man/woman/child."
"This is not particularly difficult stuff. By essentially boxing in the argument in favor of traditional marriage into ‘Well if you’re a crazy religious believer, maybe we’ll let you have that.'”

His remarks prompted many to shut his line of reasoning down.

Shapiro has made headlines in recent months for increasingly absurdist arguments.

Earlier this fall, he claimed the United States military has abandoned "traditional masculinity" and declared wars are best fought by “typically very patriotic, very male people.” His remarks were quickly disregarded by actual members of the armed forces who noted he has never served in the military.

Around the same time, he garnered more criticism after he reached for the cosmos again, this time to insist Democratic President Joe Biden has an "equity agenda" and wants to put LGBTQ+ astronauts on the moon, describing the possibility as something that "sounds like a bad pornography."