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Balenciaga Roasted For Selling Nearly $1k Skirt That Looks Exactly Like A Bath Towel

Fashion fans are not impressed with Balenciaga's latest towel skirt—which will set you back a whopping $925.

Model wearing Balenciaga's wrap-around towel skirt

Luxury fashion brand Balenciaga was raked across the coals for selling a beige wrap-around towel skirt that retails for $925 and looks like, well, a large bath towel.

The unisex clothing is a feature of the 2024 spring collection.

Like most bath towels, the skirt is made of terry cloth, except this one has two buttons inside the waistline and is branded with the tone-on-tone stitched logo of Balenciaga at the front.

The photo features a model wearing the knee-length luxe rag, styled in a black hoodie and sunglasses sporting baggy cargo pants underneath.

The internet scoffed at Balenciaga's twist on bath goods.

People also shared their own takes.

Even Swedish ready-to-assemble furniture store Ikea ribbed Balenciaga with their own attempt at fashion, but with a much more affordable price of $16.

The Balenciaga towel skirt is made of 100% cotton, and dry cleaning is recommended.

It's available for pre-order.

Will you get yours today?