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New Mom Hilariously Stunned To Find Out Her Baby Is Legally Named 'Korn' After Hospital Error

New Mom Hilariously Stunned To Find Out Her Baby Is Legally Named 'Korn' After Hospital Error
Kevin Winter/Getty Images for SiriusXM

The early days of new parenthood, when everyone is still in the hospital, are an absolute blur.

The fact so many legal forms have to be signed during this haze is alarming in a way, and there are bound to be mistakes made from time to time.

But as one mother hilariously found out, it's not always the exhausted parents making the mistakes.

New mother and video game creator, Kells Tate, recently received her copy of her daughter's birth certificate in the mail and discovered a terribly funny error on the document.

The worst part, the error was her daughter's name, of all things.

"The hospital messed up my baby's name."
"We just got the birth certificate, and it's Korn."
"My baby's name is legally Korn."

Tate's tweet immediately drew the attention of the Twitter community, who were ready with jokes and puns, information and questions and even support for keeping the name.

There were immediately memes aplenty.

Others shared "vital" information with Tate about the origin of the word "corn," you know, in case she wanted to be able to tell people the meaning behind her daughter's not-name.

Some wanted to know the baby's real name and Tate's reasons for choosing it.

To this, Tate shared the baby's name was to be Kora, not Korn, and no, inspiration did not come from the much-loved Avatar: The Last Airbender universe.

There were others, who must be Korn superfans, who questioned why Tate was going to change the baby's name.

Tate's best guess was there must have been some human error when the certificate information was being entered manually into a computer. The copy completed in their hospital room was error-free, and the baby's name should have been Kora without issue.

According to Tate, the family will be able to change "Korn's" name legally and without issue, as long as they do it quickly.

Though this change will be much to the disappointment of some of the band's superfans in the thread, it's probably for the best. It takes a next-level fan to name your baby with such a, uh, unique band name.