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TV Host Completely Loses It After His Co-Host Makes An Unintentionally Raunchy Comment On Air

TV Host Completely Loses It After His Co-Host Makes An Unintentionally Raunchy Comment On Air
Today/Nine Network

Accents making everyday things awesome is a very niche sort of humor. Accidental dirty jokes are pretty universal.

The two collided during a morning broadcast of Australia's "Today" show on Nine Network - much to host Karl Stefanovic's delight/chagrin.

The "tomayto/tomahto" moment took an 18+ turn when co-host Allison Langdon commented on her struggling lawn. She has couch grass - but, remember that accent thing we just mentioned?

Where some say "cowch"' Allison's accent means she pronounces it "cooch."

Which means when she spoke up about the sorry condition of her lawn, she lamented:

"My 'cooch' is dying!"

Karl wasn't ready and despite his best efforts (like this "I'm a professional" newscaster arm-fold) he broke with laughter.

Today/News Nine/YouTube

Allison's comment happened during a live segment with lawn-care professionals who asked her what she had been doing to it that might be causing it to die.

To which Allison responded:

"Well, the dog pees all over it."

Karl was not okay with the dog peeing all over Allison's "cooch" lawn.

Today/News Nine/YouTube

The professionals weren't big fans of it either; explaining that dog urine causes nitrogen burn in grass. Since they were discussing couch grass in particular, Allison wondered aloud if she had picked the wrong type of grass since she has a dog.

The experts eased her worries by assuring her:

"Nah. 'Cooch' is good, considering it's going to be running on it. 'Cooch' has got really good wear and tear tolerance."

Karl - still not okay.

Today/News Nine/YouTube

After the experts explained that dog urine kills pretty much everything Allison joked that the dog had to go with an oblivious battle cry:

"Save the 'cooch!'"

which prompted laughter from people off-camera as Allison wrapped things up with the guest.

Karl, who hasn't contributed much to the segment up until this point, closes things out by sharing some thoughts:

"That’s probably the best segment ever. We’ll have more great stuff after this break - if we’re still on-air."

Watch the adorably awkward interaction below

Twitter is giving big Karl energy right now.

The best type of grass for your lawn is determined by your climate and lifestyle - but many people are ditching the grass entirely (couch or otherwise) in favor of planted yards.

It appears Allison was right; as grass lawns go out of style the 'cooch' may, indeed, be dying.