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Army Sergeant Tells Black Man 'You're In The Wrong Neighborhood, Motherf**ker' In Tense Video

Army Sergeant Tells Black Man 'You're In The Wrong Neighborhood, Motherf**ker' In Tense Video

For outside observers, this has been a bad week for Black people in the United States.

But for people of color (BIPOC), it's just more of the same issues they've been trying to expose for years.

Now thanks to smartphones, the pervasive racism present in the daily lives of many BIPOC is being put on blast.

The shooting death of Duante Wright just ten miles from where George Floyd was murdered last May and the assault of an Afro Latino Army officer by a police officer have placed a dark shadow over the past two weeks.

For the unaware, the situation seems to be escalating across the country.

But another recent video exposed how BIPOC are labeled as "others" who are required to justify their presence on public sidewalks by demanding, often violent White people.

You can see the video here where a Black man's address is demanded by a White man and his wife who decided he doesn't belong on the public sidewalk in their neighborhood.

The video captured in Columbia, South Carolina showed 42-year-old Jonathan Pentland, a First Class Sergeant in the United States Army based in Fort Jackson, verbally and physically assaulting a Black man for walking in his neighborhood and speaking to his wife who can be heard in the video repeatedly yelling questions at the Black man.

The man in the video, who is identified only as Deandre, said he lived in the area, but Pentland replied:

"You're in the wrong neighborhood, motherf**ker."

Sgt. Pentland allegedly moved to the neighborhood he and his wife want Deandre to stay out of only 10 months ago.

People were outraged at Pentland and his wife's behavior.

The video immediately went viral, causing activists to protest in Pentland's neighborhood.

The Fort Jackson Commanding General vowed to "get to the bottom of this ASAP."

As of the evening of April 14, 2021, Pentland was charged with assault.

Sheriff Leon Lott of The Summit, the neighborhood outside Columbia, South Carolina where the incident took place, said the Pentlands' behavior in the video was "terrible" and "unnecessary."

Prosecutors ultimately decided to charge Pentland with third-degree assault and have detained him in Richland County jail. His wife, who only verbally attacked the Black man according to the video, was not charged with any crime.

State Senator Mia McLeod, who represents The Summit in the South Carolina Senate, emphatically condemned the Pentlands' actions as well.

"My sons have a freaking right to live...Another unarmed Black man could be dead today because he was walking in a neighborhood that, I am told, is adjacent to his, doing absolutely nothing."

If Pentland is convicted, he faces up to 30 days in jail and a $500 fine.