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TikToker Who Quit His Job As A Joke Tries To Show Up For Work—And His Boss Is Having None Of It

TikToker Who Quit His Job As A Joke Tries To Show Up For Work—And His Boss Is Having None Of It

The concept of April Fool's seems pretty straightforward—you crack a practical joke and once the joke hopefully lands, you say "April Fool's!".

That last part of the formula is critical and for one such practical joker, his April Fool's prank landed him without a job.

A TikTok is making its rounds on the social media platform after one TikTok user took to his account to tell followers how his seemingly harmless prank went seriously awry.


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TikToker @garrison9173 revealed to viewers he quit his job on April Fool's Day and elected to wait until his next shift at work to notify his employer it was all a ruse.

But, unbeknownst to the TikToker, his employer did not find the joke as comedic as he had hoped.

In fact, the employer thought the prank was legitimate and filed the paperwork to officially terminate @garrison9173's employment.





In the video, which now has over 2 million views, nearly 205,000 likes, and nearly 1,000 comments, viewers can see who is assumed to be @garrison9173's employer sitting at a desk.

When the TikToker walks into his office, the employer looks visibly shocked to see that @garrison9173 showed up for work.

Text stitched over the TikTok read:

"I quit my job on April 1st... and showed back up Monday for work."

Viewers of the 49-second TikTok can hear the men exchange a few words as it's obvious there is some confusion between the two of them.

“I thought you were done. I thought you quit," said the employer as a response to the TikToker showing up for work.

@garrison9173 replied:

“It’s April Fools."

Not fully comprehending the entire situation had begun as a prank, the boss waited a few moments before asking “what” with a seemingly forced laugh.

@garrison9173 tried to restate it was all a joke and said “yeah," to which his boss replied “no” while shaking his head slightly. The boss was quick to point out the flaw in the prank, telling @garrison9173 that April Fool's was the previous Friday.

The day he came back for work was the following Monday.






While done with pure intentions, viewers of the TikTok were quick to provide @garrison9173 with pointers on how to better execute an April Fool's joke in the future.

At the time of writing this, @garrison9173 was still unemployed.