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AOC Bluntly Shuts Down Republicans For Having A Meltdown About Her 'Vanity Fair' Cover Wardrobe

Pool/Getty Images

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was recently featured in a Vanity Fair cover story. In her cover photo, Ocasio-Cortez wore an expensive outfit that was loaned to her by the staff at Vanity Fair.

Conservatives online, always looking for a reason to discredit the young liberal politician, seized upon how expensive the pantsuit was, saying that anyone who branded themselves a "democratic socialist" shouldn't be wearing anything so nice.

Of course, AOC has never been one to let bad faith arguments go unanswered.

She fired off a tweet of her own, pointing out the ridiculousness of these Republican critiques.

Twitter has always been the place where AOC has reigned supreme and this incident was no exception.

Just because AOC believes all Americans deserve healthcare and safety from a climate crisis doesn't mean she shouldn't be able to wear a nice outfit.

Even the most casual follower of politics can spot the double standard levied against liberal women compared to conservative ones.

Of course, many online conservatives have no real feelings about the outfit AOC is wearing in a cover photo.

They only wish to discredit her in whatever way presents itself, even if it makes no sense.

The prominent Congresswoman also couldn't help but throw in a dig at the conservatives' racist undertones.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn't need Republicans' approval to wear something nice when she's on the cover of a magazine.