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AOC Brilliantly Shuts Down Conservatives Losing Their Minds Over Her 'Tax The Rich' Sweatshirt

AOC Brilliantly Shuts Down Conservatives Losing Their Minds Over Her 'Tax The Rich' Sweatshirt
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Like it or not, fundraising is something every political figure needs to do in order to best serve their constituents. Most opt for a combination of methods like canvasing for donors, fundraising dinners, and selling merchandise.

Like many, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has an online shop attached to her website. Recently, she came under fire for the price of a long-sleeved crewneck sweatshirt that says "Tax The Rich" across the front.

Conservatives found the price, originally $65 but reduced to $58, ridiculous.

So much so that some even defended the idea of sweatshops.

Their critiques didn't exactly go over well.

Hypocrisy was high on the list of reasons people found the criticism laughable. Outlet Pink News outlined one example in an article about the subject.

They explained that conservatives criticized the price:

"...despite Fox News selling a $23.20 "Proud American Hat" that bears the American flag on it. Although, it has five rows of five stars and four rows of four stars - totaling 41 stars."

Incorrectly made American Flag hats that normally would have failed basic quality control inspections aren't the only things conservatives are fine selling at high prices.

The Trump Store got brought up more than a few times.

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Far more important, however, was the reason the shirt was priced that way to begin with. AOC explained why when she originally posted about the items:

Many conservative outlets opted to leave that information out of their coverage of the issue - so people reminded them and brought up some related points worth discussing.

AOC herself eventually responded to the complaints. She did so with her trademark combination of intellect and humor.

First she educated:

And then took a witty jab.

The first line of the product description now reads "as complained about on Fox News."

The pre-order on this shirt and most of the fundraising items in her shop are already sold out.