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AOC Perfectly Lays Into GOP Rep. For Being Against Stimulus Checks In Brutal Twitter Takedown

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images; Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Republican Congressman Kevin Brady of Texas recently said he opposed $2,000 stimulus checks because he thought Americans would use that money to "pay down credit card debt" or make "new purchases online."

Of course, Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez quickly reminded Brady he was describing the entire point of stimulus checks.

Many other Twitter users also tried to help Brady understand how nonsensical his reasoning was.

AOC also issued fact checks to some other Republicans who publicly opposed the $2,000 stiumulus.

It seems many Republicans don't want Americans to get money if it's going to help them.

Unsurprisingly, a stimulus check is supposed to stimulate the economy, which wouldn't happen if Americans just put that money away.

The last stimulus checks helped avert what could have been an economic catastrophe, but it seems Brady hasn't taken the time to study his history.

As Americans continue to suffer from the economic fallout caused by the Trump administration's botched response to the pandemic, Republicans like Brady have resisted every form of aid that is brought to the table.

Oddly they had no qualms giving huge tax breaks and subsidies to the country's wealthy and corporations that used the extra money to buy another yacht—literally—and do stock buy backs to increase their profits further.