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Anti-Vaxxer In Misspelled Shirt Claims He Can't Get Lung Cancer Because He Doesn't Smoke 'Name-Brand Stuff'

Anti-Vaxxer In Misspelled Shirt Claims He Can't Get Lung Cancer Because He Doesn't Smoke 'Name-Brand Stuff'

One thing about the anti-vaxxers—no matter how tiresome their rhetoric gets, they never cease to find ways to surprise people.

Case in point, a guy at a recent MAGA rally for former Republican President Donald Trump who claimed—while wearing a misspelled anti-vaxx shirt—he can't get COVID-19 because he smokes and he can't get lung cancer either because he doesn't smoke "name-brand stuff."

The man was captured by comedy duo The Good Liars, who discussed the moment on MSNBC.

See the clip below.

Comedian Jason Selvig's conversation with the man at the Trump MAGA rally this weekend in Texas was wacky right from the jump, starting with the gentleman's t-shirt, which read "UNVAXXED VILLAIN."

Not "villain," but "villian."

To his credit, the man did at least realize it was misspelled and decided to wear it anyway, so at least there's that.

But asked why he refuses to be vaccinated, the man's response gets real weird, real quick.

"For me? Type O-negative blood. I do smoke, and there were studies that have come out of France — nicotine users tend to also not be susceptible to things."

For the record, studies like the French one the man referenced claiming nicotine is preventive against COVID-19 have been pretty thoroughly debunked for being rife with methodological flaws and misinterpretations.

As for the O-negative blood thing... your guess is as good as ours.

Of course, Selvig couldn't help but ask the next logical question.

"So nicotine users are not susceptible to things. Lung cancer might be one of the exceptions."

But the man had an answer to this, too.

"Well, I don't smoke any of the name-brand stuff."

That is, of course, not how lung cancer works.

On Twitter, people were slack-jawed by the man's bizarre claims.

Remember when people believed in science and did what accredited, qualified doctors told them?

That was nice, wasn't it...