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Anti-Vaxxer Posts Bold New Idea For Immunizing People, Doesn't Realize It's Exactly What Vaccines Already Are

Anti-Vaxxer Posts Bold New Idea For Immunizing People, Doesn't Realize It's Exactly What Vaccines Already Are

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Have you ever been so wildly off base and uninformed about something that you stumble back around into rightness?

It's a rare occurrence, but when it happens it can be magically hilarious.

Enter Random Facebook User with no medical training, but a hot new take on vaccines.

Yeah... you see where this is going.

The user claims not to be anti-vax and that's quite possible. Vaccines have been a hot button issue for a few years now and the anti-vax movement has done a lot to stir up fears and prey on the insecurities of an uninformed public.

It's quite possible this person legitimately isn't anti-vax and just doesn't know enough about how vaccines work to understand why their post is so wrong that it's right. Their thoughts about a "more natural" alternative to chemical filled vaccines are actually great.

They're so great, in fact, that a brilliant researcher has already put them into effect and saved countless lives ... when he invented vaccines.

The Facebook user suggested that instead of vaccines we should just use a small amount of the virus so that the body can build up an immunity to it. FYI: that is exactly how vaccines work.

The post reads:

"I'm not anti vax, but I understand why some parent do not want those chemicals in their childrens bodies. I think instead of chemical shots, the doctors should give a small piece of the virus, so the body can build natural immunity, like the chicken pox playdate we had as kids."

But that's what vaccines are... so instead of vaccinating people we should just vaccinate people?


The post made it's way to Twitter, of course.

People were stunned by it.

Was the post serious? Do they not know? Were they trolling real anti-vaxxers?

Who failed to educate this person? Could the anti-vax movement finally go away if people understood what vaccines are?

Twitter has so many thoughts.

We don't know if this post was serious or satire—and we may never know—but it's definitely giving people something to think about.

We just hope people remember that there are folks who legitimately cannot be vaccinated and those people are depending on the rest of us to keep them as safe as possible. So if you can get those "organic, holistic, artisanal locally-sourced hypodermic health boosts with free-range, non-gmo microbes" you probably should.