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Anti-Vaxxers Are Poisoning Themselves By Taking Copious Amounts Of Horse Deworming Meds To Treat Virus

Anti-Vaxxers Are Poisoning Themselves By Taking Copious Amounts Of Horse Deworming Meds To Treat Virus
Mypurgatoryyears/Getty Images

Even with the Delta variant causing a spike in new Covid-19 cases nationwide, countless Americans are still refusing to receive a Covid-19 vaccine.

Yet, rather than walking into a local pharmacy and receiving a vaccine free of charge, a number of anti-vaxxers are willing to pay up for another, unorthodox form of protection against Covid-19.

A medication who's primary purpose is to de-worm horses.

As reported by The Daily Beast, countless American's have been actively pursuing prescriptions for Ivermectin, commonly used to protect livestock from parasites, which has on rare occasions been prescribed to humans, in much smaller doses.

Indeed pharmacies reportedly becoming "inundated with ivermectin prescriptions", resulting in several pharmacies becoming more and more reluctant to fill them.

It is, however, possible to buy Ivermectin without a prescription, in its much larger horse dosage.

Ivermectin can be easily obtained, without a prescription at tractor and animal supply stores, or even on Amazon, as many were eager to share on Twitter.

There is, however, one major problem in buying ivermectin off the shelf.

In addition to the fact that the FDA has strongly warned against using ivermectin as a means of treating Covid, the dosage found in stores or online is intended for horses and livestock.

Without a contained dose, not intended for an animal up to three times their size, users have been unintentionally poisoning themselves.

Indeed, a poison control specialist in Texas (who, citing fears of repercussions, spoke on condition of anonymity), reported an unusually high amount of calls, with ivermectin often the source.

"It's clear that a vast majority are associated with a belief that it will prevent or treat COVID."
"The big headache for poison control centers is that people are circumventing their physician and going to animal supply stores and acquiring ivermectin which can be purchased without a prescription with the understanding it's for large animal veterinary use only"

But pleas from the FDA or even their own personal physicians haven't deterred others from the possibly deadly risk of taking the equine dosage.

The Daily Beast even reported users have taken to writing thinly veiled reviews for human usage on Amazon who makes it very clear on their website it is for use on horses only.

"My 'horse' had no negative side effects, and now he tells me he feels like a million bucks and is now Covid-free."

There have also been several Facebook support groups, which have suggestions as to how to measure the correct dosage for human intake with no medical sources or warnings.

Thankfully, not all Twitter users seem as easily taken by this dangerous, and costly, alternative to vaccines, even taking to Twitter to speak out against it.

In addition to the fact that people are choosing to avoid medical advice and receive proven and effective protection against this deadly virus free of charge, the same Poison Control specialist in Texas pointed out an even more biting irony in these anti-vaxxers.

"The irony is, in a severe ivermectin overdose (which is rare, you really have to be slamming this stuff to achieve that) patients will end up needing to be intubated to protect their airway..."
"...meanwhile, a lot of them are taking the ivermectin to allegedly treat their COVID… to avoid ultimately being intubated and placed on a ventilator."

Indeed, for those looking to circumvent vaccines seem destined for a hospital, one way or another.