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Amy Coney Barrett Held Up A Blank Notepad During Her Confirmation Hearing, And The Internet Pounced

Pool/Getty Images

During the second day of Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee, she was asked by Republican Senator Tom Cotton to show off what she'd been writing in her notepad.

To some laughter from the gathered crowd, Barrett revealed her notepad was blank.

Republicans saw this exchange as impressive, saying Barrett was so mentally sharp she didn't even need to take notes to make it through her confirmation. Democrats, meanwhile, pointed out that Barrett had offered very few substantive answers on almost any subject and, thus, notes were unnecessary.

Either way, the internet was thrilled the instant Barrett held up her blank white paper. There's nothing Twitter loves more than a good photoshop opportunity.

Twitter wasted no time in filling in Barrett's blank notebook.

There was no end to the things that Barrett could have been holding up with a little photoshop magic.

More than a couple people also used this opportunity to make a statement about Barrett's rushed and unprecedented confirmation, which is happening while Americans actively cast their ballots for a new President.

Many Americans online felt powerless with the realization that Barrett seemingly doesn't have to answer any questions or even take the confirmation process seriously, but will likely receive a lifetime appointment to the nation's highest court anyway.

A Twitter account for Barrett's notepad was quickly created to offer some insight!

Amy Coney Barrett still needs to learn the cardinal rule of the internet: be careful never to give them a blank canvas to work with.

Hopefully this incident has helped her to learn that lesson.