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Alex Jones Screams At Viewers To Buy His Products As A Matter Of 'Life And Death' In Unhinged Rant

Alex Jones Screams At Viewers To Buy His Products As A Matter Of 'Life And Death' In Unhinged Rant

Alex Jones—the noted conspiracy theory and dubious health supplement pusher who founded InfoWars—lashed out at his viewers, demanding that they buy his products as a matter of "life and death."

In a video posted to Twitter, Jones ranted that his viewers should also give donations to fight the “war against you and your family of inflation and collapse."

For many, it seemed unclear what influenced Jones' outburst or his request that viewers also donate to longtime Republican political consultant Roger Stone's legal defense fund. Stone s icurrently under investigation for his role influencing the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers in their paritcipation in the January 2021 Capitol riot.

Stone also received a 40-month prison sentence on charges he obstructed an official proceeding, made false statements and engaged in witness tampering but his sentence was ultimately commuted by former President Donald Trump, who later pardoned Stone altogether.

You can hear what Jones said in the video below.

Jones said:

"[Support] our guests because everyone we have on is fighting with everything they have got. This is a war against you and your family of inflation and collapse."
"They know everyone is going to wake up in the midst of it and that is why they want to silence the leaders because they think they can then defeat you."
"So when you keep us in the fight, you keep yourself in the fight and this is life and death." ...
"Go to the Stone Defense Fund and make a donation to him because he is a gladiator and a champion in the fight."

Last month, three companies affiliated with Jones filed for Chapter 11 protection on Sunday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas, according to court documents.

Jones has sought to avoid paying damages in relation to defamation lawsuits from families of victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting, which Jones has long claimed was a hoax.

Jones' rant quickly went viral and made him the subject of significant mockery online.

Jones has come under fire for selling bogus products on his site before.

In March 2020, New York Attorney General Letitia James ordered Jones to stop selling and promoting fake COVID-19 treatments including colloidal silver. He claimed a number of the supplements he sells act as a “stopgate” against the virus.

Colloidal silver, comprised of tiny silver particles suspended in liquid, is the same metal used in jewelry, dental fillings and silverware. Manufacturers of the supplement have claimed it can boost the immune system and even cure cancer.

However, as noted by The Mayo Clinic, "no sound scientific studies evaluating these health claims have been published in reputable medical journals."

In fact, scientists and medical professionals know plenty about colloidal silver–including it can actually turn people's skin blue.

The condition, called argyria, is a blue-gray discoloration of the skin, eyes, internal organs, nails and gums due to a buildup of silver in the body. In rare cases, high doses of colloidal silver can cause seizures and organ damage.