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Fans Break Into 'USA' Chant After Jason Aldean Unleashes MAGA Rant On Stage Amid Controversy

The country star told an audience in Ohio he wants the country to be 'restored to what it once was' after being hit with backlash over his song 'Try That in a Small Town.'

Jason Aldean
Rich Polk/Getty Images for iHeartRadio

Fans of embattled country music singer Jason Aldean broke into a "U-S-A" chant after he told the audience he wants the country to be "restored to what it once was" after being hit with backlash over his song "Try That in a Small Town."

The music video, released last week, came under scrutiny for allegedly promoting racism and advocating for vigilante justice. Filmed at the Maury County Courthouse in Tennessee—a site infamous for a historical lynching in 1927.

The video raised concerns about its content and potential hidden undertones harkening back to the good old days of lynchings, sundown towns and Jim Crow.

Despite Aldean's denial of any offensive undertones—claiming the song merely celebrates the virtues of living in Anywhere, USA—conservatives stood firm in their support of what they view as an anthem against marginalized people protesting systemic injustice.

Videos show enthusiastic fans chanting in support of Aldean.

Aldean and his second wife, Brittany Kerr Aldean, courted controversy before over her anti-LGBTQ+ comments.

When faced with consequences, the couple cried "cancel culture" was at fault.

An again unrepentant Aldean mentioned he saw various speculations about his character and beliefs, but was firm in his belief everyone is "entitled to their own opinion."

Aldean said:

"I gotta tell you guys, man: it’s been a long-ass week. It’s been a long week, and I’ve seen a lot of stuff. I’ve seen a lot of stuff suggesting I’m this, suggesting I’m that."
"Hey, here’s the thing, here’s one thing I feel: I feel like everybody’s entitled to their opinion."
"You can think something all you want to, it doesn’t mean it’s true, right? What I am is a proud American. I’m proud to be from here."

Borrowing from White supremacist and Christian nationalist rhetoric, Aldean added his nostalgia for the "good old days" when marginalized people knew their place and stayed in it.

"I love our country, I want to see it restored to what it once was before all this bulls**t started happening to us."
"I love my country, I love my family, and I will do anything to protect that, I can tell you that right now.”

The crowd responded with a resounding "U-S-A" chant, showing their support for Aldean's sentiments.

The singer again suggested "cancel culture" was the problem, which he claimed unfairly targets people like him for their beliefs or statements.

It's unclear if he meant he was a victim because he is a self-described Christian or a White, heternormative man.

He then praised his fans for rallying to his defense.

He said:

“Here’s what I want to say: lotta things out there, and one thing I love, you guys know how it is this day and age, is cancel culture is a thing. That’s something that, if people don’t like what you say, they try to make sure they can cancel you, which means try and ruin your life, ruin everything."
"One thing I saw this week was a bunch of country music fans that can see through a lot of the bullsh*t, alright? I saw country music fans rally like I’ve never seen before, and it was pretty badass to watch, I gotta say, thank you guys so much.”

Many criticized Aldean and his fans after footage of his statements and the crowd's response went viral.

Aldean has attempted to reinterpret "Try That in a Small Town" as a song reflecting the sense of "community" he experienced growing up—despite not growing up in a small town—with unity among neighbors.

However, critics argue the video's content and messaging overshadow any intended positive interpretation at a time when many around the nation are pushing for comprehensive gun control measures in response to a spate of increasingly common mass shootings.

Last week, Country Music Television (CMT) generated controversy after making the decision to pull the music video for "Try That in a Small Town," prompting a wave of backlash from conservative circles and calls for a boycott.