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Adam Driver Praised For His Responses To Chris Wallace's Rude Questions About His Looks

The actor gave some impressively measured responses after CNN's Chris Wallace laid into him with questions harping on him for not looking 'like a typical movie star.'

Adam Driver; Chris Wallace
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Adam Driver is being praised online for the way he handled some rather rude questions about his appearance.

While promoting his upcoming film Ferrari on the Max talk show Who's Talking to Chris Wallace?, the actor gave some measured answers to tasteless questions regarding his looks, which were described by Wallace as not "like a typical movie star."

Wallace first addressed comparisons made between Driver and actors Al Pacino and Jack Nicholson.

Driver reacted:

"That's very nice."
"Those are the actors that made me want to be an actor, so that's a nice comparison."

Driver noted he has to take all feedback, both good and bad, with a grain of salt.

"The 'New Yorker' has also called me a horse face."
"I remember reading one reviewer [who said], 'His agent probably doesn't know whether to put him in a movie or the Kentucky Derby.'"
"So, if you believe the good thing, you have to believe the bad thing. So, I try to not absorb anything."

Wallace chose to use the comment on Driver's looks to steer the conversation in that direction, asking:

"Well, that leads me to the next question I wanted to ask you, which is: You don't look like the typical movie star. Has that been a help or a hindrance?"

Driver thought for a split second before replying:

"I've worked consistently, which is nice, with people I always dreamed that I wanted to work with."
"I look how I look. I can't change that. So, I guess it helped me."

He then joked:

"A hindrance in only breaking mirrors wherever I go, and having a misshapen outsized body that I can't fit through doorways or most clothes or fit into most cars."
"So, apart from that, it's been good."

But the host continued, asking if the actor thought his career would be easier if he looked like Robert Redford—as a picture of Redford appeared in a split screen.

Driver pondered the question before answering:

"Yeah, but it would just be different. I would be giving something off."

He continued:

"Maybe I'm trying to be diplomatic. And I guess if I was alone in a room, I'm like, 'Who doesn't want to look like Robert Redford?'"
"I just kind of accepted this is how I look."

You can watch the clip below.

WARNING: NSFW language

People on social media were absolutely appalled by Wallace's questions.

But they applauded Driver for the way he handled the awkward situation.

And, of course, many were compelled to bring up the Burberry ad.

You can see Driver in all his glory in Ferrari, which will be out Christmas Day.