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CNN Host Roasts Trump As An 'Exiled Twitter Junkie' In Epic On-Air Takedown Of His Georgia Rally

CNN Host Roasts Trump As An 'Exiled Twitter Junkie' In Epic On-Air Takedown Of His Georgia Rally

After former President Donald Trump held a Georgia rally over the weekend to promote more lies about the integrity of the 2020 election, CNN's Jim Acosta issued a sharp rebuke to Trump's claims.

Acosta said Trump, who falsely claimed that an Arizona audit showed he had won Maricopa County, is "displaying all the hallmarks of an exiled Twitter junkie who is jonesing for a platform."

In fact, the results of the audit not only confirmed that Trump lost the state of Arizona, but expanded President Joe Biden's lead in the state.

You can hear Acosta's remarks in the video below.

Acosta did not stop there, adding:

"He set the tone by lying about telling the truth. Trump's random lie generator also landed on another favourite topic, Russia."

After referring to Trump's lies about the election as "painful," Acosta tackled the subject of the Arizona audit.

"[Arizona], a state he definitely did not win even though a Republican sham audit couldn't come up with enough evidence to validate Trump's election fraud – his bogus lies about election fraud."
"But luckily, for Trump, yesterday was opposite day."

Acosta went on to say Trump's "Big Lie" the 2020 general election was rife with fraud should be called the "Big Cry" because the former President is always complaining.

"I almost don't want to call it 'the big lie' anymore, I want to call it the big cry, because he goes to these rallies, and he cries."
"He cries about the election, he cries about the border, he cries about [George W] Bush and [Liz] Cheney… I mean, why would you go to a rally and stand out there for hours and hours just to listen to this man who can't get over losing cry and cry."

Acosta received wide praise for his remarks.

Others criticized Trump directly.

Acosta has taken Trump to task for lying many times.

More recently, he suggested Trump's lies about the 2020 election keep his supporters "in this cult-like alternate reality that he inhabits."

In June 2021, he compared Trump to the iceberg that sunk the RMS Titanic in 1912, in reference to the DJ who played "My Heart Will Go On" at the Washington rally Trump held ahead of the January 6 attack on the United States Capitol.