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Abigail Breslin Destroys Troll Who Called Her A 'Loser' For Wearing A Mask On Roller Coaster

Abigail Breslin Destroys Troll Who Called Her A 'Loser' For Wearing A Mask On Roller Coaster
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You may have noticed lately we're still very much in a pandemic, with new daily COVID-19 cases breaking the one-million mark earlier this week thanks to the new highly contagious Omicron variant before thankfully beginning to decline.

But of course this news seems to have eluded the anti-maskers among us.

They're still so entrenched in their blasé attitude toward the pandemic that one of them even took the time to lash out at actress Abigail Breslin after she was photographed wearing a mask on a roller coaster.

And the Scream Queens star was not having any of it. She eviscerated the troll with a clapback that has left people cheering.

The trolling began when Breslin posted her roller coast photo on Instagram, seen below.

Beneath the photo, the troll commented:

“Who’s the pathetic loser wearing a mask?”

So Breslin simply answered his question--and her blunt, no holds barred response cut right to the heart of the matter while putting her troll firmly in place.

“That pathetic loser would be me. Someone who lost their dad due to someone not wearing a mask and giving him Covid."
"You can kindly go fu*k off now.”

Breslin's father Michael tragically passed earlier this year on February 26 after battling COVID-19. Breslin penned a heartfelt tribute to him on Instagram at the time, calling him her "dada" and painting a picture of the "simple things" he loved most in the world. She also posted over the holidays about how difficult it was to celebrate her first Christmas without her father.

All because of an easily preventable disease. And just to make sure her troll got the message, Breslin also posted a screenshot of her conversation with the troll to her Instagram grid--with a deliciously shady caption.

The caption read:

"Sorry not sorry. Although I love ignorant comments (sarcasm obviously), I just can’t tolerate it from someone with the username 'chesty1987'."

All that evisceration and she got to end on a joke at the troll's expense? This is the art of the internet clapback at its best. And her legion of followers were 100% here for it.











In conclusion, please just wear a mask.