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Ben Shapiro's Sister Ripped For Shaming Women's Bikini Pics On Instagram As 'Free OnlyFans'

Ben Shapiro's Sister Ripped For Shaming Women's Bikini Pics On Instagram As 'Free OnlyFans'

Far-right YouTuber Abby Shapiro is back with another hot take on how women should comport themselves, not that anyone asked.

This time, Shapiro's bugaboo is bikinis—specifically travel bloggers' bikini photos on Instagram.

Shapiro, who seems to be on a quest to become as infamous as her far-right provocateur brother Ben Shapiro, posted her thoughts on the griveous evil of bikini photos on her Twitter account this week.

You can see her tweet here:

Shapiro wrote:

"HOT TAKE: If more than 60% of your travel blogger photos on Instagram are of you in a bikini, you don't have a travel blog. You have a free only fans account."

Nope, pretty sure it's just a travel blog, but thanks for the weirdly specific statistical pearl-clutching.

OnlyFans, of course, is the wildly popular platform used by many sex workers and adult performers for posting explicit photo and video content that would otherwise be banned from platforms like Instagram.

The site isn't used only for adult content—it does have its share of celebrity users like Beyoncé and Cardi B, who use it to post exclusive content for paying subscribers. But though the company does not share its user statistics, the bulk of its 120 million subscribers are believed to be consumers of often full-tilt XXX-rated adult content.

In short, it's a far cry from a photo of a travel blogger dressed in a bikini lounging on a beach—imagery which has been ubiquitous since the uptight, buttoned-up 1950s.

This is Shapiro's second ridiculous attempt at pearl-clutching over women's sexuality—one somehow even sillier than her attempt last month to slut-shame Madonna by comparing her to the supposedly saintly late Republican First Lady Nancy Reagan. That one blew up in Shapiro's face so spectacularly it caused two separate wildy viral rebuttals.

On Twitter, people weren't about to let this bikini freak-out slide either—Shapiro got dragged and dragged hard.

We look forward to Shapiro's next YouTube video about how showing your ankles and wrists turns six-year-old boys into sex-crazed Democrats, or whatever.