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'9-1-1' Star Shuts Down Homophobes After Same-Sex Kiss Sparks Outrage: 'I Truly Don't Care'

Actor Oliver Stark thanked fans for their support while slamming homophobic trolls after the ABC show confirmed his character's bisexuality by having him kiss another man.

Oliver Stark; Stark and co-star Lou Ferrigno Jr.
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for iHeartMedia; ABC

9-1-1 actor Oliver Stark has just four little words for homophobes: "I truly don't care."

That's the message Stark sent after conservative trolls slammed the actor and the show following his character Buck's bisexuality being made official on the series with a same-sex kiss.

Buck's sexuality had been speculated about since the show's very first season, when it aired on Fox.

But recent episodes hinted more strongly at the topic, and the most recent featured a kiss between him and the character Tommy Kinard, played by Lou Ferrigno Jr.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive. But, as always, there was a predictable backlash from right-wing homophobic trolls.

In an Instagram Story, British-born Stark addressed both camps.

@oliverstarkk / Instagram

Stark said he was "humbled and overwhelmed by the positive reaction to Buck's storyline" and romance with Kinard.

But he was far more pointed towards those angry about the kiss.

"If you are one of the smaller group of people commenting on my posts about how this has ruined the show. I would like you to know that I truly don't care."

Stark went on to point out that 9-1-1, which focuses on Los Angeles first responders and 911 dispatchers, has always been about inclusivity since its inception.

It features a diverse cast that includes a lesbian romance between characters played by Black actors Aisha Hinds and Tracie Thoms and an interracial romance between characters played by Angela Bassett and Peter Krause.

Stark went on to say:

"If one character finding a new facet to his sexuality and realizing his bisexuality is your deal breaker -- I fear you've missed the entire point of the show."

On social media, fans of the show applauded Stark's response and were overjoyed by Buck's character development.

Buck's big bi kiss was to mark the show's 100th episode, and it was announced last week that it will return next year for an eighth season. Sorry, homophobes.