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Woman Calls 911 On Black Women After She Refuses To Give Back Phone Charger They Dropped

Woman Calls 911 On Black Women After She Refuses To Give Back Phone Charger They Dropped

A series of TikTok videos showed the questionable behavior of a woman who picked up a phone charger dropped by two Black women, refused to return it, called the police and then lied about being threatened by the women.

The 6-part collection of videos, posted by TikToker Alana Lambert, was filmed in New York City's Central Park, where the entire incident played out.

As one of the videos showed, the encounter with the woman interrupted what was supposed to be a free-wheeling afternoon spent taking Instagram videos and riding bikes through the park.

But that all came to a screeching halt when Lambert dropped her phone charger while riding her bike. According to Lambert, the woman "lunged" for the charger and claimed they needed to prove they owned the charger before she'd give it back.

When Lambert and her friend insisted she give the charger back, she pulled out her phone and called the police.

You can see all six videos beginning here:

@alanalambert3 so i met a NYC Karen today & I must say they're a tad different than the South. Part 1
♬ original sound - Alana Lambert

@alanalambert3 This is how NYC Karen ended up with the charger. Its crazy the whole park was looking at us crazy. Part 2
♬ original sound - Alana Lambert

The next video posted showed the woman in the midst of her phone call with 911.

She told the 911 operator:

"There are two girls and they're threatening like they're going to beat me or something."

When one of the women asked, "are you racist or something," the woman responded, "Yes I am."

It's unclear who that response was directed at as multiple conversations took place at the same time.

The next couple videos showed tensions remained escalated as the woman walked toward the place she agreed to meet the police.

They came across a group of police on horseback that happened to be walking through the area.

@alanalambert3 Part 5 ~ it's my bday today.. have patience & give me 5 minutes to enjoy my Taurus life & not relive this. Full video on my YouTube if ur in a rush.
♬ original sound - Alana Lambert

The following video, the last of the collection of six, showed the police began by asking for proof the charger did indeed belong to Lambert.

One officer, however, explained he did believe Lambert and was only waiting for the White woman to calm down before returning it to Lambert.

In the video's caption, Lambert wondered aloud if that was an "enabling" act.

@alanalambert3 Part 6. I got the charger back (: they wanted me to wait until she calmed down & walked away... enabling? ##karenact##karen
♬ original sound - Alana Lambert

Every step of the way, people shared their outrage over the woman's behavior during the incident.

Of course, it was merely one new example of a scene we've seen so many times.


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When people saw how the incident finally ended, they offered some pragmatic advice about what Lambert should do next.

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Those TikTokers were apparently well aware of the fact it is illegal to make a false 911 call in New York State.

Unfortunately, another series of videos posted by Lambert showed when she went to the police station to press charges, the police refused to pursue any investigation of the woman or the incident.

As one comment mentioned, the entire incident was yet another example of what little accountability people face after endangering the safety and well-being of Black people.