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12-Year-Old Boy Miraculously Survives Being Buried Under An Avalanche For Almost An Hour

Photo by Giorgio Evangelista/AGF/UIG via Getty Images

A 12-year-old boy was skiing outside the town Bourg Saint-Maurice in the French Alps with a group of seven people when he was hit by an avalanche and swept away. Rescue workers are calling it a miracle he survived.

A rescue "sniffer" dog was able to locate the boy after he was dragged nearly 110 yards by the large section of snow that fell from the mountain. The boy had skied ahead of the group and was the only one hit..

The rescue took over 40 minutes. Many are saying it is a miracle he was able to survive that long. Most people succumb to asphyxiation after 15 minutes if trapped under an avalanche.

A helicopter was called in to rush the boy to the nearest hospital.

Some on Twitter wondered if the boy had super powers.

Others had more practical reasons.

Miracle, super powers, air pocket, we're just glad he is okay.

The boy suffered a broken leg but is expected to make a full recovery. He did not have an avalanche detector in his jacket.