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Boston Dynamics Robot Twerking To 'Uptown Funk' Is Still Freaky AF ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

Screenshot Twitter Gavin Sheridan via Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics seems to take great pleasure in freaking people out, not that we're too surprised.

It wasn't long ago that Boston Dynamics was introducing us to a robot capable of opening doors for people. Apparently, that wasn't scary enough, so they raised the bar once again with a "dog" robot named Spot that busts a move to Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson's hit song "Uptown Funk."

There are only two reactions to this video:

1. Surrender and shake those tail feathers


2. Grab a shovel and start digging a prepper tunnel.

UpTown Spot

Of course the video went viral on social media, because Boston Dynamics loves scaring the bejesus out of us and we laugh while they do it.

Are we still laughing?

All is not lost, dear humans; we still have Sarah Connor.

And Bananas.

If you can't beat em...

Or you could just be a big ol' suck up.

Big shout out to Boston Dynamics!

We will forever be sleeping with one eye open.

H/T: Business Insider, Mashable