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Robin Williams' Daughter Zelda Hits Back After Eric Trump Tried To Use Her Father's Words Against Joe Biden

Noam Galai/WireImage via Getty Images; Valerie Macon/AFP via Getty Images

A video resurfaced this weekend of a standup set from the beloved late actor Robin Williams, in which he joked about Democratic nominee Joe Biden's mental awareness.

Allies of Biden's opponent, President Donald Trump, gleefully shared the video far and wide, attempting to bolster the Trump campaign's talking point that Biden's mental capacity has diminished.

Among those who shared the video was Donald Trump's son, Eric Trump.

It wasn't long before the daughter of Robin Williams—Zelda Williams—clapped back at Eric Trump's attempts to slam Biden.

Williams accused him of using her father to further the Trump political agenda.

Williams is correct that her father didn't hold back when making jokes about Donald Trump in his standup sets.

He did so in 2012.

Robin Williams on Donald Trump from 2012

And in 2011.

Robin Williams on Donald Trump : April 17, 2011

Williams often joked that Trump's hair was actually "The Donald"—a completely separate, sentient being pretending to be attached to the President. Williams also likened Trump's ownership of beauty pageants to pro-football player Michael Vick owning a chain of pet stores (Vick was convicted in relation to dog fighting in 2007).

People were happy to see Zelda Williams defend her dad's memory.

Meanwhile, others proceeded to roast Eric Trump.

Williams recently celebrated what would've been her dad's 69th birthday by donating to a number of LGBTQ charities.