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Youth Soccer Player's Impressive Backflip Penalty Kick Is Almost Too Bizarre To Believe 😮

Twitter: @RubinKazanUK, Twitter: @samwollaston

A youth soccer player in Russia has taken the internet by storm after scoring a penalty in gymnastic fashion.

Norik Avdalyan is a youth player for Russian Premier League side Rubin Kazan, and in a match situation he displayed a level of confidence which will undoubtedly stand him in good stead.

Avdalyan not only stepped up to take the penalty in the second half of the game, but slotted it away somewhat unbelievably with a back flip:

Avdalyan's team was impressed with his acrobatic goal:

The young soccer star even recreated the epic kick in a video explaining how he seemingly defied gravity:

Once video of the goal hit the internet, it became a viral sensation, with plenty of people singing Avdalyan's praises:

It's a good thing he didn't miss...

Some were quick to point out that it's actually been done before:

But, just to be safe, maybe don't try this at home if you aren't a seasoned pro:

And if you are a professional, you've been put on notice:

A version of this article originally appeared on Press Association.